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What to know: This Christmas, a great secret will be revealed.
CHRISTMAS STORY (2009 ANCHOR BAY) is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 8-12
78 minutes
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Three stars! Our young jurors really enjoyed this. "I would watch it over again, probably during the holiday season with my family." "My friends would enjoy it as well. It is very believable." "The story is very sad at the beginning. Nicholas' family went to take his younger sister to the doctor and never made it; they were lost and died in the snow and ice. Nicholas was left without a family and because not one family could take on the responsibility of raising a child, the entire village helped raise Nicholas. That was cool." "I could feel the pain Nicholas felt with no family of his own. Isaac reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago who acted mean but in reality was a very kind person and willing to share what he had to others." "I liked the photography. It made me feel as if I was in the fishing village." "I liked how Nicholas made toys for the other kids, even when he was a kid himself." "It made me think about how the parents started taking responsibility for making the toys." "It made me tear up, feel good and happy." "in the end, Nicholas was not going to live forever but he wanted the tradition to continue." "I liked seeing a real reindeer."
Christmas Story is the feature debut by Finnish director, Juha Wuolijoki who creates a wonderfully believably story about the unique and journey of the young boy who becomes Santa Claus. Raised by an entire village after he loses his family he is passed from one family to the next every Christmas day. The English dub of the film has lip synch issues but truly, the quality of this production is so outstanding that this aspect is easily overlooked. The cinematography, sets and costumes are outstanding and suitable for the time. Santa's voice over makes this story feel like a very heartful retelling of a diary obout a young man's life. This makes a nice addition to any family holiday collection.
This Christmas, a great secret will be revealed. Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus came to be Santa? A long time ago, the world's greatest story was born when a young boy named Nikolas took on a mysterious mission and created a legend that would be carried on from generation to generation.
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