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What to know: Zoe is a girl who loves stories about valiant knights battling dragons, and who dreams of going on a dragon hunt one day.
KIDS FIRST ALL STAR DRAGON HUNTERS (CHASSEURS DE DRAGONS) is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 5-12
80 minutes
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Loved it! "I liked it very very very very much. It was cute, funny, sad. Way better than average." "Fun! Really pretty scenes." "I would watch this again many times." "My friends would love it too because it is very entertaining." "The hero wasn't a hero, but because of the little girl's need, he overcame difficulties and became one." "I liked Zoe when she was nice but she also lied and was sneaky." "Hector was funny." "Way better than the other characters was Lian-chu." "The King's advisor was really funny when he talked and The Gobbler reminded me of the slugs in OddWorld." "The world they were in reminded me of 'The Edge Chronicles.'" "Amazing! Off the wall. Animation was excellent. Better than Desperaux." "The sky was gorgeous and the electrical dragons were neat." "They created a cool digital world that took you in and told the story." "The music was a great addition, setting the sad and adventurous themes." "I liked the strobe light effect in the gobbler's mouth." "The sense that time slowed down as Lian-Chu fell was good." "Lian Chu was our favorite character. He is simple, sweet, compassionate and shows honor. He doesn't abandon Zoe." We loved the film!
Very enjoyable, well paced, holds your interest throughout. Excellent animation quality. Lovely animation and music. Some of the challenges faced by the dragon hunters were clever, like the Jim Bob dragons who were electrical and the red cloud apparition that flew apart then back together and caused our heroes all kinds of problems. The character of Lian Chu was most admirable and the others were quite likable, but stooped to some negative behavior to accomplish their goals. Younger children could easily be frightened by the dragons and the "peril," but older kids would be very interested in the journey of the four characters in their quest to rid their land of the "world gobbler." The ideals of courage, goodness and a pure heart are promoted, but only attempted by Lian Chu. There was some name calling by several of the main characters. Zoe runs away from her guardian and steals from him. This behavior is not really dealt with and could be a topic of discussion between parents and children. Wonderful animations. Many of the characters were modeled with a huge torso and small legs that made them funny. Zoe is very petite and her mannerisms very girlish, almost pixie like. The world they live in is interesting with floating stones, islands and villages. The music has an eastern, almost oriental quality that fits the story quite well. This film is very entertaining, encourages cooperation and puts a high value on friendship and the belief that good can vanquish evil.
Zoe is a girl who loves stories about valiant knights battling dragons, and who dreams of going on a dragon hunt one day. Meanwhile, her uncle and guardian, fearing that the World Gobbler - the most fearsome dragon of all time - will soon awaken, decides that she should be sent away to a safe haven. Zoe has other ideas. Eager to help her uncle find a brave knight to face the fearsome beast, she sneaks off in search of a hero like those she reads about in legends. She meets the quick-talking Gwizdo and strong but gentle Lian-Chu, who have been trying unsuccessfully to eke out a living as dragon hunters. Convinced they are the heroes she has been seeking, Zoe is overjoyed when they accept the mission to hunt down World Gobbler. Gwizdo, however, has no desire to actually fight a dragon, but Lian-Chu is up for the challenge and, together with Zoe, they set off on an exciting and perilous journey to save the world from the most terrifying creature of all. Dragon Hunters features richly detailed and beautifully rendered 3D computer animation that combines futuristic medieval imagery with an imaginative universe of floating landscapes. Packed with humor, adventure and fantastical creatures, the film is an uplifting tribute to the power of friendship and self-belief. Voice cast starring Forest Whitaker, Mary Matilyn Mouser, Rob Paulsen and more.
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