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What to know: Based on the characters created by children's author, E.
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Recommended age 3-6
89 minutes
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All the children were most enthusiastic about how much they enjoyed the video. They described it as "funny, silly and cool." Some of the children watched it a second time which seemed to help them follow the story line and their interest held up. They all thought their friends would enjoy this. "My cousin Jordan would think it was cool." "I would watch this at my house with my friends." "My friend Colin would like it cause he likes race cars." After viewing, we talked a bit about what the Book of World Records is and remote control car races.
Very enjoyable. Adult viewers were nostalgic, remembering reading the books when they were younger. They loved seeing the story in animated form. From the beginning, when children see Stuart zooming around in a toy plane, it draws you in. Each story is well planned, designed to engage children while hopefully teaching a lesson. Some of the concepts may be beyond a 5-year-old's comprehension. For example, trying to get into a book of World Records is an interest for older kids normally. Building a structure out of tuna is quite a stretch. But, the basic idea of working together is always there. The show is animated and really a true delight. This is the type of entertainment that is most enjoyable to watch with your entire family, if your kids are between the ages of 3 and 6.
Based on the characters created by children's author, E. B. White and made popular by the hit feature films, this series revolves around Stuart, a spirited mouse who has been adopted by the Little family and his older brother, George. Includes four episodes: "He Said, She Said" - A thrilling model truck race in the park ends with Stuart's vehicle spinning out of control and we learn the lesson of how people can see the exact same thing and see it differently. "A Little Big Record" - Stuart and George decide to get immortalized in the 'Big Bob's Big Book of World Records' and settle on building the World's Tallest Penny Stack. "No Job is Too Little" - With Mrs. Little's birthday approaching, Stuart and George realize they don't have enough money to buy her a gift. "Adventures in Housekeeping" - When Mom Little comes down with a cold, it's up to Stuart, George and Mr. Little to handle all the household chores. In the end they gain appreciation for how hard their mom works.
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