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What to know: Children offer us a magical and creative insight into their world.
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Recommended age 5-12
27 minutes
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This delightful world tour shows stories, dances and traditions from cultures world-wide that are colorful, energetic and stunningly beautiful. We are shown Aztec and Balinese dancers who are children, see the architecture and archeological sites of these far away places and learn tidbits about their culture. In the guise of visiting a junk shop, the hosts tour the globe where they meet interesting people and handle fascinating artifacts. The cinematography is outstanding and the background music compelling. This would be a fun title to include in any festival looking for a multicultural component.
Children offer us a magical and creative insight into their world. This film celebrates children from many different places around the world - Bali, Czech Republic, Mexico, USA, India, France, the Caribbean and Australia. Our hosts, Ashlee and Ayden are guided by the magician, Shamani Azi in their travels around the world where they witness the dancing, music and adventure these children offer.
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