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What to know: Pahappahooey Island: What About Me follows a group of furry friends as they navigate a mysterious, faraway land in search of treasure.
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Recommended age 4-10
67 minutes
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I liked how creative it was. They kept saying the words of the creator and you think that's just the person who named the island, but at the end it says God's word, so the creator is God. The bad people were really mean. They'd steal stuff and they attack helpless people. It was really good how they moved the puppets. They moved really well. The voices were good and not annoying. The show was pretty funny like when the penguin threw the pie in the face of the bad guy.
Learning valuable moral lessons is lots of fun when you learn them through terrific, interesting stories and enjoy top-notch puppetry. Join the gang in a series of exciting adventures as they search for treasure, rescuing friends, discovering secret worlds and hunting for safe places for their most precious possessions. The furry friends on Pahappahooey Island take puppetry to a new level with bright colors, smooth movements and witty conversation that make you feel as if you are part of their story. "New York Times" bestselling author and acclaimed Christian speaker Joyce Meyer plays the role of Miss Ruby in "What About Me!?," the episode based on one of Meyer's most popular messages. The episodes engage and entertain adults and children while subtly teaching positive moral values such as working as a team instead of caring only for yourself.
Pahappahooey Island: What About Me follows a group of furry friends as they navigate a mysterious, faraway land in search of treasure. Along the way, they encounter secret worlds and new friends to be rescued. With the help of Meyer's Miss Ruby, the lovable characters learn valuable lessons about working together. All while singing their way into the hearts and minds of children. The 67-minute DVD features an additional episode, Hide it in Your Heart, which also focuses on the important values of friendship, cooperation and unity. Both episodes combine memorable music and powerful messages to create the fun, engaging content viewers have come to expect from Pahappahooey Island.
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