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What to know: Silver Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009.
LOKUM: THE TURKISH DELIGHT is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 8-12
19 minutes
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Fun title, preposterous idea and sure to make you giggle. The message of new overtaking old, traditional appliances provokes a deeper conversation about life in general. The characters are charming, nice voices, love the animation. Great for film festivals, museum play and just about everywhere.
Silver Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009. Featuring kitchen character: Lokum the Turkish delight, Uncle Hulusi the coffee grinder, Aunty Sirriye the coffee pot, Cuppy the coffee cup, Birdy the mural clock bird and Makineto the coffee machine. Lokum is a fugitive among the kitchen's other residents. One day a coffee machine which can grind and cook all kinds of coffee is brought in. As that may mean that the services of Hulusi and Sirriye may no longer be required, Lokum and Cuppy are furious. One day Lokum gets locked up in the heated up electrical oven. Makineto short circuits himself, blows the fuse and saves Lokum. Everybody mourns for Makineto. A week later Makineto has been repaired but his Turkish coffee department is not working so Hulusi and Sirriye keep their jobs.
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