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What to know: Silver Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009.
Recommended age 7-10
12 minutes
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Liked it. "This story was sad but good at the end." "Henry was a slave and had a family that was sold away from him. He decided to get to freedom and was mailed in a big box to Philadelphia." "We saw how the slave masters were not nice to the slaves but other people were nice and didn't like having slaves." "The music in the background was like the slaves would have sung." "I learned about how much slaves would do to become free. Mailing yourself in a box would be really uncomfortable."
This story is very important and the telling of it is absolutely wonderful. Good historical story that needs to be told. Some pretty sad things happen to Henry but kids need to know the circumstances in which he was living. The slave masters are not respectful but the story explains what is happening so the children can understand. It tackles explaining these things in such as way that kids get it without making it too simplistic or in-authentic. Based on the book, the illustrations are true to the original story. Definitely encourages children to learn more about slavery and the underground railroad. Henry's story is a unique one but shows the means that slaves and their friends went to gain their freedom.
Silver Award, KIDS FIRST! Best 2009. Henry dreams of a world where his life belongs to him. When his family is sold, he risks everything for what he knows is right. Making his harrowing and heroic journey in a wooden crate, he mails himself to freedom. A true story about the Underground Railroad based on the book by Ellen Levine and Kadir Nelson.
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