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What to know: Stanley arrives at school, all set to celebrate Crazy Hair Day, only to find out he has mixed up the date with School Picture Day.
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Recommended age 2-8
11 minutes
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Loved it. "I liked it because there were some silly parts such as when he comes into school with the wild and crazy hair." "On a 1-5 scale, I would give it a 4 that I would watch it again." "It's a very creative story that my friends would like too." "A guy thinks it's crazy hair day but it's actually picture day. His hair is all weird but it ends up happy." "We have Spirit week at our school where we do crazy things." "All the characters were animals." "I liked when the guy ran into the bathroom and everyone else wore stuff on their head to make them look crazy. They helped him feel more comfortable." "It was a lot like my school." "I want to know what other schools have crazy hair day. Mine does mismatch day and gender blender day." "It's not a perfect movie, but it's a pretty good one."
Lovely short film that reaches you on a human level and demonstrates positive moral choices. The story flows beautifully, connecting you with the characters. It makes the viewer feel the excitement of unusual school days such as pajama day and then adds enough conflict (going to school on picture day thinking it's crazy hair day) to keep it exciting. Many kids will identify with being in an embarrassing situation or seeing someone else deal with an embarrassing situation. This title models compassion as the classmates rally around and make their own crazy head gear to make Stanley feel more comfortable. All the animals work together in the class and show respect for one another. There is a strong message of friendship, even on Stanley's behalf, as he realizes his class is a team and he's an essential part of it. It helps identify embarrassment and teaches kids how to cope with awkward situations. This is a great little film that shows the importance of each member of a group and demonstrates how to deal with uncomfortable situations.
Stanley arrives at school, all set to celebrate Crazy Hair Day, only to find out he has mixed up the date with School Picture Day. In this uplifting story of friendship and kindness, what starts out as a worst-ever experience takes a surprising turn as Stanley's best friend and his classmates concoct a creative show of solidarity. Narrated by Zach Braff, with music by Barney Saltzberg and Eric Eckstein. Directed by Virginia Wilkos. Includes a fun bonus interview with Barney Saltzberg.
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