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What to know: George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are having a great time getting ready for Christmas.
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Recommended age 2-5
58 minutes
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Enjoyed it. "It was a good story. It made me laugh when he knocked over the trees." "The Man in the Yellow Hat found the presents the day before. This was a great story. I count the days until Christmas, too." "I liked it because George is always getting into things and doing things he isn't supposed to do." "We all like Curious George because he is funny and reminds us of ourselves." "I liked seeing them shopping at stores and when they followed each other." "I like Curious George movies - all of them!"
Fabulous music gets you singing along right from the beginning. Christmas can be a tricky time not only when you're a monkey, but also when you are a man with a yellow hat who loves a certain little monkey. We watch as the two of them try to figure out the best gifts that demonstrate how much they love each other. Along the way, we see how the perfect gift comes from the heart. "A Very Monkey Christmas" deals brilliantly with the excitement of the holidays and the difficulty in waiting for the special day. It shows how sometimes the things we plan don't always work out perfectly, yet it's what in the heart that matters most. In addition to its musical excellence, this DVD assists children (and parents) in working through problems or emotional issues. It's a title children will relate to and adults, also, providing a great family viewing experience.
George and The Man with the Yellow Hat are having a great time getting ready for Christmas. There's only one problem: neither of them can figure out what to give the other for a present. The man finds George's wish list indecipherable. And George doesn't have a clue about what to get for The Man who has everything. Can they resolve their dilemma in time?
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