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What to know: Very sweet and endearing.
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Recommended age 5-12
8 minutes
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Very sweet and endearing. Who would think that a cat would do this: Certainly none that I know! But, Midge stays with Marty the entire race and surges ahead of him. The scenes of her rolling in the sunlight at the end shows how much she revels in her success.
A genuine sprint race over 50 meters between a Marty and his one eyed cat, Midge. No one has ever seen a cat that races a human but Midge races Marty all the time and is determined to win. The film played in the shorts corner of the Cannes Film Festival and became the biggest news story in the UK, in all the papers and TV coverage. The one-minute clip on the BBC had 44 thousand hits in two weeks and Midge has become the most famous cat in the UK.
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