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What to know: The story of the Boston Tea Party told with cats and dogs.
PUPS OF LIBERTY is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 6-10
15 minutes
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An 8-year-old who watched it was quite riveted. "It's a very good story. I really liked. It." He talked about the animation style, watching the dogs deal with the cats and asked if this is how the American Revolution really started.
This is a clever way to introduce young people to the concept behind the Revolutionary War. Using animated cats and dogs as the characters; the cats represent the British and the dogs, the colonists. It starts out with the cat king ruling every thing. We are introduced to a little dog girl and a dad dog. She delivers the mail. One day the cat king comes and tells the dogs that he is putting a tax onto the mail. The dogs object to this and begin a protest, saying: "No laws without paws." We see how the dogs gather to develop a plan to resist the efforts of taxation without representation. It ends with someone saying "this was the beginning of the Americanine Revolution." Excellent production. Great animation, good audio, great concept and script. Well paced. Very appropriate for target age. No longer available for Film Festival.
The story of the Boston Tea Party told with cats and dogs.
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