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What to know: "Jake's Corner" takes on difficult issues and addresses them with sensitivity.
Recommended age 10-15
97 minutes
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This was a pretty good DVD because it had a good story and the characters played it out well. There weren't really any boring parts. I liked how you can tell the character's personalities before you even meet them by the way they looked. It would appeal to people who were going through a death of a family member. The characters treated each other well, getting along as best as they could-co-existing peacefully. I didn't really like the stereotypical bad teen scene. The music had a nice country feel. The cinematography was pretty good, I liked the side things like the bear. I liked the symbolism of the bear and the bass.
It's tough to raise a child in a town of unique individuals who have chosen to live separate from the rest of the world. But this is what Jake had to do when his nephew became orphaned in a car accident. At Jake's request, the townspeople welcome the boy, Spence, and keep the death of his parents a secret since he doesn't remember the accident much and thinks his parents are in a hospital healing. They become family as he tries to fit in and find himself, and as Jake comes to terms with the child in his life and in the death of his beloved sister. "Jake's Corner" takes on difficult issues and addresses them with sensitivity. Families will want to know that many scenes in the story take place in a bar at the uncle owns. Parents might find this story good for opening a discussion about death and what would happen their children if they died. Jake wasn't used to children, but he and the Spence developed a strong bond. The people in the town showed Spence that there are a lot of good people in the world, even if they don't look and act like everyone else.
The story of an ex-football star, Johnny Dunn, who walked away from the game early in his career to live a relatively secluded life far from the spotlight in a small desert town he owns, called Jake's Corner. Johnny's quiet life is altered dramatically when he is forced to care for his young nephew, Spence.
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