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What to know: Thee is a new gym teacher coming to school.
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Recommended age 4-8
7 minutes
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Kids enjoyed it. " "I like the illustrations on the cover. It looks kind of scary." "The gym teacher, Mr. Green is actually nicer than I thought he would be.: "The whole movie was better than I thought it would be. I would watch it again, with the read aloud version. In fact, we did watch it again, with the words highlighted in yellow as they are spoken by the child narrator." "The pictures help show what is going on." "It has a surprise ending. I thought the bad things were going to continue. But the gym teacher really wasn't all that bad."
This film is the perfect prescription for a child suffering from school anxiety. It magnifies a child's worst fears about meeting a new teacher and calms the child back down, using humor and finally - reassurance. In fact, the teacher turns out to be even better than the child could have imagined. This movie may make you want to read some other books about dreading the start of school such as "First Day Jitters" or "Miss Nelson Is Missing" which is about substitute teachers. Everything in this movie is perfect. From the child narrator's voice to the background music. Simple, yet effective illustrations really compliment the story. The length is long enough to build your fears to a ridiculous level. The scenes with the real gym teacher are long enough to bring the viewer gently back to reality. The use of the scoreboard at the end makes you feel as if you are in a gymnasium. You can almost hear the buzzer.
Thee is a new gym teacher coming to school. The kids say he is a real monster! Imagine their surprise when they discover he is a regular guy... and they actually like gym. Narrated by Joey Stack. Directed by Galen Fott, with music by Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds. Includes bonus interviews with author Mike Thaler and illustrator Jared Lee. Optional English Subtitles.
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