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What to know: A duck on a bike? From sheep to horse to chicken to goat.
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Recommended age 1-8
8 minutes
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Loved it! A huge hit with the kids. "I liked all the animals and the story was funny. It was funny to see the animals ride bikes." "Yes, we want to watch it again. Can we watch it please? I want to see the duck riding the bike again and the goat eating grass." "Can a duck really ride a bike? That is silly." Being able to have the words up on the screen is a plus and really helps promote early reading. It is very funny and holds your attention.
Entertaining and fun! Book based with a read along feature that everyone likes. The flow of the story together with wonderful animation and interaction of the animals makes it appealing enough to want to add to your library of kids' videos. The story is whimsical with lots of farm animals joining in the fun. It is fun to see the animals reactions to the Duck and then join in the fun. Everyone has a great time and it's contagious. Great animation and lovely narration. It makes you want to run out and get the book so you can follow up reading that with your child.
A duck on a bike? From sheep to horse to chicken to goat... everyone in the barnyard has something to say about Duck's zany idea. But what are they really thinking? And what will happen next? Narrated by Walter Mayes. Music by Jack Sundrud and Rusty Young. Animated by Soup2Nuts. Optional English subtitles.
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