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What to know: Seven-year-old Evan has one wish, to be a grown-up.
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Recommended age 8-12
16 minutes
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Evan gets to live out every kid's greatest wish - he is allowed to be the boss of an office of adults for the day. However, we later find out that this is only made possible by the Dandelion Wish Foundation and Even has a fatal disease. Even spends his day making everyone's life brighter except for Cara, who recently lost her daughter to leukemia. With a simple soundtrack and compelling cinematography, this story deals with death in a positive way. Kids will love seeing how Evan turns a work day into a party day and reminds everyone to celebrate their love of life. The style is very dream like. The concept of children dying is sad and the entire film has a sad tone until the end when the mothers come to terms with their children's deaths. The little boy who plays Even is particularly charming. He reminds me of a young Michael Fox.
Seven-year-old Evan has one wish, to be a grown-up. On a quest to live out his dream, Evan manages an office for the day where he stumbles across Cara, a woman stuck in mourning who keeps herself isolated. Boldly reaching out to her, he finds a way to put life into perspective and illuminate Cara's world.
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