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What to know: A young artist struggles to find a place in her newly globalized family.
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Recommended age 12-18
14 minutes
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This college student production uses an interesting mix of live action and collage-like animation in her study about a family living in different parts of the world. The style is interesting but a bit difficult to follow. The main character, Jane, spends her time trying to make a film. Her monologue switches from telling stories to telling facts about her family. Discerning the difference between fact and fiction is a challenge. There is no negative content and the film touches on the theme of the loneliness an adopted child feels in a family that is not close physically or emotionally. The cinematography is interesting and constantly changing viewpoints - from Jane's imagined collage to her hand held camera to a third person viewpoint. The concept of a family growing up and moving away from each other to start their own lives is something most teens can relate to. The different places such as the African safari and various countries in Europe are interesting. In the end, the film promotes the fact that, even though Jane may be adopted and feels isolated at times, she is part of a family who all love her.
A young artist struggles to find a place in her newly globalized family. In a story enhanced with collage-like animation, Jane travels from the plains of Texas to the jungles of Africa in an attempt to bring them all together again.
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