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What to know: Todd Bastrow is obsessed with worms and carries them everywhere, playing pranks on people.
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Recommended age 8-15
66 minutes
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I liked this DVD because it's like a mystery. It's a kid horror movie. I think my friends would like it because we all love the Goosebump books. It's just like the books. It looked and sounded pretty good. Actually, it sounded great, but you can tell the gnomes are fake. They're just wearing masks. My favorite part was in the gnome one when the gnomes were trying to decide what to do to the kids. They couldn't decided, and they were coming up with different funny answers then they started fighting.
Don't watch this one too close to bedtime unless you're really good with horrifying images and gross situations. Come to think of it, that's perfect for the average tween boy. In the first episode of this DVD, a boy who is obsessed with worms gets a role reversal when the worms start to manipulate him and take over his world. It offers a good lesson on respecting nature. Bad Hare Day starts off with a hair-rising bang inside a magic shop. Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes is a delightfully haunting tale of lawn ornaments that come to life. The DVD is entertaining for older children with great imaginations. They are based on R.L. Stine's popular novels for tweens. In the Goosebump DVDs there is equal representation of males and females. Parents have good relationships with each other and with the children, but the children are always the heroes.
Todd Bastrow is obsessed with worms and carries them everywhere, playing pranks on people. Suddenly, the worms start having a mind of their own and playing tricks of their own.
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