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What to know: Strawberry and friends head to Berrywood to visit Strawberry's movie star friend, Limelight.
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Recommended age 4-8
64 minutes
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I really liked this DVD because I love Strawberry Shortcake, and it has lots of lessons in it that can be learned in fun ways. Some of the lessons were to talk to your friends if you have a misunderstanding with them., and not everything is all about you. I think it looks great for a cartoon. It doesn't look real, but it's not supposed to. The music was really good. I liked it because the songs were fun to listen to. My friends would like the stories and lessons. My favorite part was when Strawberry and all her friends were put in the movie.
In this sweet adventure, Strawberry and her friends go to Berrywood to visit a friend Strawberry knew when she was young after reading that Limelight's movie was in trouble. Their first meeting when they were little wasn't so nice, but Strawberry gave her friend a second chance, and they became great friends. Years later, Limelight still remembers her and is excited about the fact that the friends came to visit. Unfortunately, it's not the Limelight that Strawberry remembers. She is now a selfish diva. Her friends help her realize what she's become, and she turns her behavior around. This DVD has a good, if predictable, message. Other episodes teach about the importance of communication and entertaining, catchy music adds greatly to the stories. Viewers watching this DVD can learn about the equipment used in movie-making. The title is very heavy on moral lessons, but still remains "berry" sweet.
Strawberry and friends head to Berrywood to visit Strawberry's movie star friend, Limelight. When they arrive, they're shocked to see not everything is glitz and glamour. They must come together to help Limelight realize that everyone can shine - because everyone is a star! In part two, Hooray for Berrywood! Strawberry and friends bring their Berrywood experience home and help re-open a local theater. By working all together as a team, they're sure to make a berry-good movie!
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