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Recommended age 8-12
103 minutes
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"Awesome!" "Interesting!" "the music by Christian Henson worked well, changing with the moods of the movie and adding to it." "It made us think about forgiveness, giving up your pride and working together to solve problems." Many of the characters had to give up their perspective to help the greater good. Maria had to cope with strange surroundings while still doing her duty. The families resolve their differences when it really counts and their valley is saved, leaving us feeling as if the future for Moonacre will be bright. The film introduces it's viewers to a place that children enjoy exploring and to people they would like to meet and learn more about. Entertaining for the whole family!
A very well crafted period film featuring Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass) and Tim Curry with beautiful cinematography that takes you to an imaginary place filled with mysticism and wonder. Maria's character, in the aftermath of losing her father and her family fortune, perseveres and she becomes the true heroine of not just her family, but the community. An inspiring film that will win the hearts of youth and adults as well. It probably appeals more to girls than boys.
After being orphaned, young Maria Merryweather (Dakota Blue Richards) must leave her luxurious home and live with her eccentric uncle Sir Benjamin (Ioan Gruffudd) at the mysterious Moonacre Manor. There, she discovers a magical moonlit world torn apart by an ancient feud and inhabited by outlandish characters and mythical beasts. Now, Maria must unearth the secrets of her past in order to fulfill her destiny... all before the 5000th moon rises and Moonacre Manor disappears into the sea forever
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