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MY DOG SKIP (2010)

What to know: Who say a best friend has to be human? Not Willie Morris, who receives a talented terrier named Skip for his birthday.
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95 minutes
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Kids were attentive to the issues presented. "It showed how a boy could love a dog so much." The ending is very sad, most felt that the dog didn't need to die. "Friendship is important even between people and their pets." Children were enchanted with Skip's sometimes mischievous, sometimes tender, behavior and loved the relationship between young Willie and his dog. They especially enjoyed Skip drinking from the toilet and Willie's mother hiding beneath the car dashboard and making it appear as if Skip was driving the car. Kids didn't understand the subplot about moonshiners, were upset by some of the bullying, the use of the word "hell", and wanted to know what "descending testicles" meant. They liked that Willie was able to stand up to the bullies. They laughed a t a lot of scenes, especially those that involved Skip's antics. Mostly they sat through the whole film riveted to the screen.
Full of coming-of-age themes with plenty for kids to talk about: love, loss, creativity, and growing up. Good representation of the forties. Brings up civil rights issues. Touched on several issues: What is a hero? What is cowardice? Is it shameful to be afraid to kill someone in a war? The telling from a child's perspective made the film feel more "authentic." Deals with difficult issues such as segregation, war, cowardice, bullying and fear. It does not shrink from difficult topics, but handles them with a delicate hand that a child can understand and appreciate. A lovely nostalgia piece designed to ring tears from anyone who has every owned a dog. The relationship between Willie and his Jack Russell Terrier, Skip, is touching, funny, real and entertaining. A family film that evokes historical context and teaches strong values of family, friendship and pet ownership. The humor and antics of Skip help children to relate to this story of another time and see that there are similarities in today's world.
Who say a best friend has to be human? Not Willie Morris, who receives a talented terrier named Skip for his birthday. With Skip's remarkable and unconventional help, they turn bullies into friends, tangle with hapless moon shiners and even win the affection of the prettiest girl in school. Shining with warmth and humor, My Dog Skip unleashes a story that will have the entire family sitting up and begging for more. Starring Frankie Muniz, Kevin Bacon. Directed by Jay Russell.
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