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81 minutes
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This was a great DVD because it shows what it would be like if kids ruled the world instead of grownups. The world wouldn't be very good if kids ruled. It would basically be destroyed. Some of the characters were mean like the scientist's kid who was mean to the boy who was the main character, but that was part of the story, and he was nice in the end. I related to the main boy at first because I thought it would be good if kids ruled the world. I don't think kids would do as good a job as the kids in the movie if they were on their own. My friends would like this DVD because it's a great movie, and because they would like to see kids rule. My favorite part was when the girl had to go to work even though she was, like, 10.
There's an accident in the lab, and suddenly kids are adults and adults are kids - a fantasy for many young viewers. But it might not be as good as it seems. Taking care of over-sized trouble makers isn't easy and having to work to pay bills isn't nearly as fun as playing all afternoon. This DVD is a great family film since it reminds adults of the importance of holding on to some childhood ideals. It's all right to let loose every once in a while to have a bit of fun. The DVD is also great for kids who might gain some insight into the lives of adults. Sometimes parents appear not to care when they can't spend tons of time with children, but it shows that sometimes parents have to work because they care.
Ever wonder what it would be like if everybody switched places and kids ran the world? Ariel Winter ("Modern Family"), French Stewart ("3rd Rock From The Sun"), Ren�e Taylor ("The Nanny"), Pauly Shore (Encino Man) and Dick Van Patten ("Eight Is Enough") star in this wild family comedy about a science-experiment-gone wrong that makes everyone in a small town suddenly swap identities: parents act like kids! Their kids behave like adults! Can a bickering young brother and sister find a way to save their upside-down town before this reverse spell takes over the globe? Anything can--and will--happen when kids rule on OPPOSITE DAY!
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