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What to know: A fun story that any sports-oriented kid will certainly enjoy and most others as well.
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Recommended age 5-12
12 minutes
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"There is a boy on a ball team who can't do high fives. His coach told him to go to this guy named Slap Back Jack and he will help him. Slap Jack fed the boy and showed him where he could practice fancy fives. He practiced for a while and was able to do all sorts of cool high fives at the next ball game. His teammates were very happy." "It shows that you should treat people nice and not to feel bad when you can't do something. If you practice you can learn things." "I liked the contraption in the basement he used to practice on." The boys found this film fun, they learned that when something, like handwriting isn't easy, if they practice, they will get better. They laughed and were high-fiving, and all of them wanted to watch it again. Kids thought maybe they should show it at school so the kids would not make fun of others when they don't know how to do something.
The Bronx Buffalo's superstar, Bub Stocky, hits a grand slam home run that wins the game, but at the end of the game his is unable to "high-five" his team-mates. This makes him sad and discouraged, but the Coach refers him to see legendary high-five master, Slap Back Jack. With his help, and a lot of practice, Bub learns to high-five. Wonderful animation, great script in iambic pentameter. A fun story that any sports-oriented kid will certainly enjoy and most others as well. The claymation characters have great expressions. Very fun. This claymation short gives an entertaining and fresh look at the overdone subject of overcoming adversity. Socially, it teaches a simple lesson about asking for help and practicing in order to perfect a skill. The sound quality really adds to the appeal and the claymation itself is done well. Entertaining and has a message of not giving up that is essential for all children to learn.
This kid-friendly, stop motion short, narrated in rhyme, tells the tale of how The Bronx Buffalo's superstar ballplayer, Bub Stocky, gets his high-five mojo. Bub hits a game winning grand slam home run, but when he tries to celebrate with his teammates, he flubs his high five combos. Bub hangs his head and feels discouraged. "Why can't he slap and jive like all the others?" That's when Coach T suggests he visit legendary high-five specialist, Slap Back Jack.
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