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What to know: Great short animated film with adorable characters and good message.
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Recommended age 5-18
3 minutes
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Fun, animated short by a college student. I love these characters; they are so endearing. The old man is absolutely charming. But, he moves too slow to capture a photo of the bird. Non-narrative, the message doesn't needs words as the pictures tell it clearly. Watching the bird foil the old man will be humorous to kids. It teaches patience. The elderly man has to wait to get what he wants and at the same time, the viewer has to wait to see how he gets his "shot." Sometimes patience wins over speed and youth. Well done. Great animation; great concept.
Yamasaki, an old man, who wants to take a nice picture of Warbie, a little bird. The problem is that Yamasaki is too slow for this tricky bird.
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