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Recommended age 2-5
70 minutes
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"I like when the chicks almost fell in the waterfall." "I like the part when they got lost because they could not go home." Kids really pay attention to the stories. "It's funny, there are mad people and happy people." Kids appear to thoroughly enjoy this. At the end of each episode, when the credits run, the kids are disappointed that it was over. Then are happy again when the next episode starts!
Simple cartoon style, nothing fancy. Very innocent in it's story and language. Engaging stories and upbeat music. Characters are respectful as they help each other work through dilemmas. Problems are simple and appropriate for this young audience. Kids will find it engaging and entertaining. The characters are problem solving through stories that are very positive and exhibit team work. They are smiling and trying to help each other.
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! rules in his most heroic episode yet! In these six super episodes, join Wubbzy as he hosts a bird-watching slumber party, has a memorable picnic in the park with Daizy and Widget, solves his own nose-y dilemma and much more! How will Wubbzy help a group of lost baby chirpees find their way home? Can Wubbzy stop a snoozing Moo Moo from casting crazy spells all over Wuzzleburg? There are plenty of cool songs to get the kids moving - along with delightful lessons about sharing, caring and being yourself - all in this courageous new collection of Wuzzleburg fun!
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