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What to know: Spanish immersion DVD.
Recommended age 1-12
30 minutes
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"It's funny, I like the mouse!" "I liked the Spanish words. The kids in the video are funny." Seemed to appeal more to kids over age 5 and even early teens. Children felt proud when they identified a word correctly. Younger kids sometimes didn't understand what the music was saying, but still got up to dance. Some kids under age five got bored and others frustrated because they didn't understand the material. This seemed to especially resonate for kids over age five, who could follow along with the content and were excited to learn new words. A few of the 5-7 year old girls wanted to learn more Spanish so they could talk to some of their friends from multi-lingual homes.
Teaches Spanish to a young audience using pictures, animation and a fun host. Uses Spanish immersion techniques, the person watching has to figure out the meaning of the words through pictures and context. It's appropriate, though challenging. Children as young as one or two-years-old can enjoy this. Stimulates natural curiosity of kids and their ability to learn through immersion. Has a very welcoming feel to it. Friendly and encouraging. Some adults felt the kids needed a more direct connection to the subject in order to make the Spanish word connection to what was being depicted. Children become familiar with a new language, while getting information about the culture of the people who speak the language. Tremendous educational value, because it immerses the child in the Spanish language and they seem more involved in learning the language. Broadens children's global perspective and stimulates language development.
Spanish immersion DVD. Children love a birthday party, but when is Fritzi's? Join fun-loving Fritzi the mouse for a festive introduction to Spanish language-learning. It's year-round fun as children learn words and phrases in Spanish.
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