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Recommended age 4-8
50 minutes
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The kids thought this was very funny. They liked the characters. "My favorite is the flower, because she was the happiest." They all wanted to watch again and went looking for their "Silly Bands" once the movie was over. "The music was cool and the bands looked like real cartoon characters." Some kids even said that they learned that they should be nicer to their friends and that everyone is special in some way. "I liked that they make Stretch stay, and how at the end the boy wanted Stretch because he was a Circle, and not one had a Circle shaped band." "There were too many favorite parts, I liked the whole movie!" The children liked that the movie made them laugh and how all the characters got along and cared about each other. Kids laughed and smiled throughout the film, and it kept their attention well.
If your kids are into rubber band bracelets, it's no stretch to imagine they'll be into Bands on the Run: The Rubber Band Movie. Five specialty shaped rubber bands are carelessly left behind on a deserted stretch of desert highway after the box they're in is jostled off the delivery truck. Attempting to "follow that truck" and get back on track to the toy store that's expecting them, they get run over by a speeding car - which turns out to be a good thing, as they happily roll along, stuck to the spinning tire as it unknowingly carries them where they wanted to go.
Shapes and dialog coordinate perfectly in this 50-minute animation, rendered in very elementary form that the youngest of ages can easily follow, although some of the dialog hits a little above that level in wordplay and message. Each of the novelty bands has a unique talent they are proud to show off ("I sparkle," flower-shaped Daisy repeatedly reminds the others), but it's an ordinary rubber band they meet after a second mishap sends them to a recycling center in a garbage truck who really snaps them into focus. "We all have different talents, but we're all made from the same stuff," Stretch tells the novelty bands. "We're a team."
As a team, now, all six continue on their journey to the toy store - and, they hope, the wrist of a novelty-rubber-band-loving child. Suitable for young children, it shows the shaped bands working together as a team and caring for each other, such as when the plain Rubber Band Man (aka Stretch) thinks he isn't anything special, and the other bands tell him how special he really is. Shows compassion, caring and positive behaviors Nicely animated and great sound quality.
After accidentally falling off a truck, five shaped rubber bands - Roxie (rock star), Daisy (flower), Edison (light bulb), Ray (TV) and Amelia (airplane) - join together to make their way to the toy store and ultimately onto the wrists of three happy children!
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