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What to know: Calling all chuggers! Join young trainees Wilson, Brewster and Koko in these six "traintastic" adventures.
Recommended age 2-5
62 minutes
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Kids are smiling, laughing, playing and talking with each other as they watch. Many want to watch certain parts again. They like the opening song and some sing or dance along. One child even pulled out a box of trains and several children took them and played while watching. "Mommy, see that train, that one. He's funny." Kids talked about it and came back to watch a second time. Children all appear genuinely engaged by the episodes. Equally appealing to kids who were familiar with Chuggington as with the kids who were seeing it for the first time. The children played nicely together and seemed to want to be helpful and include each other in their play.
Young trains are in training to be able to start helping out in whatever way suits them best. They all learn how to do things, but not all of them are good at each task. Through the learning process they are asking questions, practicing what they have learned and fixing mistakes they are making. This is excellent modeling for little ones to begin doing the same. All of the characters take their turns making mistakes and learning how to correct them. In "Training Time for Harrison", an "adult" train wants to pull the royal coach and puts obstacles in the way of other trains, so that he will get the job first. He learns that even he has things to learn and can be a better train. Model working together and supporting each other. In "Watch Out Wilson," Wilson needs special mirrors to help him back up. He is afraid the other trains will make fun of him, but instead they cheer and say how much they like his mirrors. Great production values, bright and fun to watch.
Calling all chuggers! Join young trainees Wilson, Brewster and Koko in these six "traintastic" adventures. Watch as they learn how to pull a royal carriage, help Eddie repair the depot clock and take on the challenge of carrying passengers. Along the way, the trainees learn how to play fair, follow through on tasks, practice patience and help each other ride the rails of life. Your own little trainees will want to climb aboard and discover it all for themselves in It's Training Time!
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