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What to know: An interesting co-dependent friendship.
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Recommended age 5-12
6 minutes
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My 8-year-old son clearly had no idea what was going on in this animated film, but he enjoyed watching the images and trying to follow along. This short held his interest throughout.
The images are interesting in this non-narrative short from Taiwan and the lesson about friendship very suitable for a youth audience. It's somewhat hidden in the storyline. A young girl creates clouds, alone and happy in doing this. The bird begins to eat them as quickly as they are made. Then, ugly, angry black clouds begin to appear from the child. The blacks cloud becomes large and appear to be the girl's undoing. The bird comes along and devours the black cloud and the bird and girl find common ground in the creation of and eating of the clouds. An interesting co-dependent friendship. Fun to watch.
A comedy about a girl who makes cloud and a bird who swallows clouds. Their stalemate comes to an end one day when the girl starts making black clouds. It turns out that your enemy really can be your best friend.
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