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What to know: ON YOUR TRACKS.
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Recommended age 2-6
61 minutes
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The children viewers really enjoyed the stories in Chuggington Championship. Most of the stories in this DVD dealt with competition, sportsmanship, playing fair with others and being kind to each other in the face of competition. The children easily related to the young trains competing with each other and were able to identify inappropriate conduct such as cheating. They also seemed to understand the story of responsibility in that, if you stay up late, you are more likely than not going to oversleep the next morning. Additionally, they loved the ice cream story, although I think they were more sidetracked on how the ice cream train worked and not the message in the story that seemed to be everyone can be a winner! "I like the ice cream train, that is cool." "I want to race." "Cheating is bad, Koko needs to learn."
Addresses good sportsmanship and responsibility. When they race, we learn not to cheat or be a sore loser. Teaches us that slow and steady wins the race, and not to be irresponsible or selfish. Almost all six short videos teach a child to respect themselves as well as others, in the course of competition, and that competition can be fun for all - not just the winner.
ON YOUR TRACKS...GET SET...GO! It's time for The Chugger Championship - the race that all of Chuggington has been waiting for! Join Wilson, Brewster and Koko as they set off, full-speed ahead, to win the race. Excitement along the rails ensues as the three young trainees get ready for an important test, invent a new contest, start a fun hobby and learn to accept responsibility. They even discover that a true champion isn't always the one who crosses the finish line first. These six exciting new adventures will have your own little chuggers ready for action, adventure and accountability, too!
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