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Recommended age 2-5
70 minutes
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The adventures with Wubbzy are always fun. I love how Widget always builds something even though something funny happens out of it and it ends out not working like the Snowplower 3000 when a bird pressed a button then the snowman fell. It showed that you can solve things by thinking hard and with some friends to help. It looked and sounded great. It was almost like a play even though it was animated. Someone in a play couldn't do what they do, like bounce on a tail.
What better time is there to show caring and compassion for friends? Holiday time in Wuzzleburg is great fun when you are surrounded by your best buddies. Join Wubbzy and the gang as they build snow sculptures and go sledding. But even in all the fun, as we all know, sometimes things go awry. Even during the holidays. It's up to Wubbzy and his sidekicks, Walden and Daizy and Widget to work together to make things holiday happy. They do this by sharing with each other, reaching out to help others through kind actions and by letting others reach out to help them. Cute songs will have your little ones dancing and singing along. This DVD promotes balanced appreciation of self and others. In a manner suitable for its intended audience.
The holidays are coming, and everyone in Wuzzleburg is getting ready for Winter Wonder Wubb Club fun! In this all-new Wubbzy collection, everyone's favorite bendy-tailed buddy pitches in to decorate The Figgity-Fig Tree, fix Walden's snow sculpture and even solve the mystery of the Snow Shoo-Shoo! There's plenty of singing, dancing, hoopty-horns and slippery-sledding too, all in the DVD that celebrates the ultimate Wow! Wow! season of caring, sharing and friendship!
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