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What to know: Very intricate and interesting animation style.
MUSTACHE MAYHEM is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 10-18
8 minutes
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Kids enjoyed it but found it strange. Likes the characters. The story doesn't make an impression.
Very intricate and interesting animation style. Strange story about two anthropomorphized animals that want mustaches so they can look like their western heroes. A good intention: friendship is always more important than personal style, but it left me feeling like there is just something so odd about the whole story. Mustaches with muscles and hands. The turtle also does not have to sacrifice anything in order to go out and save his friend, he still has the mustache, he just goes out and saves Gator. As a student production, it does make an impression on you, particularly the intricate characters. Good film festival title as it opens itself up to discussion.
Best friends, Turt and Gator, want nothing more than to have awesome mustaches like their favorite cowboy heroes. With the help of Sheriff Ribbitt's Super Stache Cream, Turt becomes successful while Gator gets pushed to the sidelines until one day when Turt's life becomes endangered.
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