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What to know: Getting a glimpse of the future through the eyes of children is appealing and having kid heroes who save the day.
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Recommended age 9-15
46 minutes
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Has a Star Trek feel, with animation, and with kids as the main characters. The story is enjoyable, with intrigue and personality. The animation is a bit odd at times, people seem to move too slowly or in a disjointed fashion and the faces are very doll-like. Three kids, children of scientists, have special abilities and stick together as they solve mysteries and save the space station. Meant to be episodic, the ending leaves you what could be the beginning of the next episode. Getting a glimpse of the future through the eyes of children is appealing and, of course, having kid heroes who save the day.
Scotty, Macon and Tamika arrive at the super space station around Mars with their scientist parents. There are people who want this station destroyed at any cost, and plans have been set into motion that set the station and everyone on it to a collision course with disaster. Scotty and his friends find themselves the only ones who can save the station and the many people on it. But do they have enough time?
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