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What to know: This "docu-concert" for families takes viewers behind the scenes and on stage with the family band, Laughing Pizza.
Recommended age 5-15
47 minutes
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Girls were dancing and singing along. They love Emily best, saying "she is talented and amazing." Older boys were less enthusiastic about the music, but many enjoyed the behind the scenes footage and thought younger kids would relate to this. "If it was just a concert, or just a documentary, it wouldn't be as good." "I like the Love Makes a Family song, it's a good message for young kids." "It shows how important it is to get along with your parents and to respect them." All the kids seemed to get the important message about family and liked learning how it would be to be in a touring band.
The most appealing thing about this title is its message: What makes a family is love. It's moving, loving and real. Will appeal to whole families, not specific to any age. Shows a positive example of a family who love and respect each other. I especially like the behind the scenes glimpses and the personal story of the Laughing Pizza Family Band. The concert scenes are fun too. I like that you can watch the whole feature documentary, play a concert or just select one song. There is a great deal of social and emotional value in showing the close family bond, love and respect that the family members have for one another. The daughter, Emily, made this film and, as such, is a positive role model for young kids and teens. Emily shows respect for her parents and is very optimistic. Additionally, it is refreshing to see parents with so much respect and admiration for their teen daughter. Though the music is geared toward pre-school and elementary-aged kids (the audience at the concerts is quite young), pre-teen and teenage girls especially can relate to Emily and will want to know more about the documentary portion and what it is like to be a young "rock star."
This "docu-concert" for families takes viewers behind the scenes and on stage with the family band, Laughing Pizza. Tells the story of Billy, Lisa and Emily through music and interviews. The live performance was filmed at the Scholastic Theater.
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