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What to know: Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy look identical, but have very different personalities.
Recommended age 2-5
45 minutes
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Kitty learns with her little sister and she tries to be a good girl. Mimi (her sister) tries too, and they work together. "They treat each other very nice." "They are friends and don't want to fight." "Hello Kitty is nice to everyone." "It gave me the idea to be a good helper. It makes you feel good and makes others happy." When Hello Kitty suggested to her sister that they try to eat green peppers, one of the children actually realized that there was a green pepper in her own food and repeated what Kitty said and ate it! Great role models, happy and fun!
Hello Kitty, the Japanese animated character, is a familiar one in out culture as well. These new stories are pretty sweet, with beautiful music, good lessons, nicely presented. Each episode deals with a different life situation most common to kids ages 2-6. Some older children, familiar with the characters, may enjoy watching how the kittens interact with one another. The children and the parents shown, care about one another and are willing to be unselfish and show their love. There are a lot of smiles and giggles! They deal with basic life lessons, being personally responsible, keeping clean and healthy and being helpful and caring. Hello Kitty's world is a safe place to explore. There are challenges, but also loving parents and siblings who appreciate your effort and help you succeed.
Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy look identical, but have very different personalities. Your children will enjoy watching them learn important life lessons from their loving parents and friends, such as how to share, how to be polite and why it's important to put away toys and eat vegetables. This episode contains six stories about eating our vegetables, cleaning up our mess, sleeping by oneself, helping out, talking on the phone and changing clothes.
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