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What to know: Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy look identical, but have very different personalities.
Recommended age 2-5
47 minutes
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"The movie is all about good lessons." "Hello Kitty and her sister learn some important life lessons and their parents help them." "I like Mimi's sweet voice and how she is so nice to her sister." "I enjoy watching very much. It has a cheerful feel to it. It wasn't bad at all and wasn't dark or scary. It shows you can solve a life problem easily if you give it a good try!"
Hello Kitty is a beloved character from Japan that has become more familiar to our children. She is not perfect, but willing to learn and wants to do the right thing. Children will enjoy how she tackles the challenges put before her. This is a six-episode DVD, each segment has Kitty and her sister Mimi in everyday situations, applying what they learn from their parents. Life skills are taught with gentleness and caring. A good illustration that children of this age need guidance, and suggests that this be originated by parents. In every situation, Momma and Poppa work together to teach children the proper way to handle each new lesson. I am impressed by the gentle way in which the parents approach Kitty's mistakes. They are patient and use kind words. Kitty can make mistakes in her safe and loving environment that allows her to learn and grow. The family seem to really enjoy each other and they work and play together. Kitty and her sister Mimi have a good relationship.
Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy look identical, but have very different personalities. Your children will enjoy watching them learn important life lessons from their loving parents and friends, such as how to share, how to be polite and why it's important to put away toys and eat vegetables. This episode includes six stories about sharing with friends, going to the bathroom, saying I'm sorry, playing together, eating nicely and replying properly.
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