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What to know: A cat transforms into a young woman and befriends Tibbe, a shy reporter for the local paper.
Recommended age 8-12
86 minutes
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Made in 2001 and filmed in The Netherlands, this film is a blend of fantasy and comedy that the whole family can watch together. I really enjoy this movie based on the novel 'Minoes' by Annie Schmidt and directed by Vincent Bal because there are many cats in this film and I absolutely love cats. I also really like this film because there are so many funny parts like when Miss Minoes is human, but doesn't know how to act like one. This film is about a cat named Minoes, played by Carice van Houten, who gets turned into a human after drinking some chemicals from a deodorant factory. This part of the movie is a little confusing and hard to follow because they jump right into the story before the characters and plot have been developed. So make sure you pay close attention right at the beginning of the movie. Soon after, she meets a reporter named Tibbe, played by Theo Maassen, who writes for the local newspaper, and is in desperate need of a good story in order to keep his job. Miss Minoes can talk to the neighborhood cats and helps Tibbe by organizing the cats to go out and find news, then bring it back, so she can tell Tibbe. He has lots of exciting stories to write about and becomes successful in his job. Throughout this film, Miss Minoes still acts like a cat though she's a human from drinking the chemicals, therefore, she still exhibits many feline behaviors such as, nuzzling noses, sleeping in a box, climbing trees when she sees a dog, and climbing all over the rooftops at night. This is the funny part about her that makes you like her character. My favorite scene is when Miss Minoes teaches Bibi, played by Sarah Bannier, who is Tibbe's landlord's daughter, to climb up on the roof. I like this part because I think it would be fun and adventurous to climb up on rooftops and in and out of windows! The part I don't like in this film is when the villain named Ellemeet, the owner of the deodorant factory, played by Pierre Bokma, is shooting a gun at the cats in his garden. There is also more violence when Ellemeet kicks a cat in an alley and hits a cat's paw with a bottle. Don't worry, none of the cats get hurt. Ellemeet is a really bad guy, but he pretends to be nice to everybody and the animals. The town's people think he's a model citizen, but he's anything but that! This film was originally in Dutch and then they dubbed the voice, which doesn't look too good. I recommend this movie for boys and girls ages seven through twelve because there is some violence and suspense that might frighten younger children and the storyline is a little hard to follow. I give this film four out of five stars. Camille Bajema, age 10, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
Miss Minoes used to be a cat, but is now a human. Now, can we really believe that? I was skeptical at first, but Miss Minoes really acts like a cat and talks to cats. It's fun and entertaining to watch as she befriends Tibbe and they both stand up for what is right. Standing up for what you believe in isn't easy, but it's always the right thing to do. Miss Minoes is not only entertaining, but it shows what real friendship is and how important it is to have courage and conviction. It's fun to watch and entertaining from beginning to end. Different, funny and refreshing!
A cat transforms into a young woman and befriends Tibbe, a shy reporter for the local paper. Still recognized as a cat by neighborhood felines, Minoes organizes them into a news-gathering service and helps Tibbe become a star reporter.
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