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What to know: Visit a famous dive resort on a remote island in Indonesia.
Recommended age 5-12
40 minutes
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They enjoy seeing some of the underwater scenes and all the fish and reefs. Some kids thought they would like to have learned more about Wakatobi from the film. "It was really cool at first." Although they liked many of the scenes, it did not hold their interest overall. "It is more for adults because kids will lose interest after a few minutes."
The underwater scenery and breath-taking views are the most appealing thing about this. The reefs are beautiful and the diving is amazing. There is calming music. Overall it is a bit slow-paced and the lack of narration made it less able to hold my interest. This would be very appealing to those who are interested in, or enjoy, underwater diving. It might spark some interest in Wakatobi and what it would be like to go there.
Visit a famous dive resort on a remote island in Indonesia. The diving is spectacular, despite the rough weather. Divers tour the village of sea gypsies who are transitioning from subsistence fishing to an ecotourism-based economy.
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