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What to know: Arnold and his friends must work together to save their town from being destroyed by a developer, who seeks to build a "mall-plex.
Recommended age 5-9
76 minutes
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This is a Nickelodeon's animated movie Arnold (voiced over by Spencer Klein) is a boy who always looks at the good side of things with a head that shape like a football. He find out that Future Tech Industries is about to tear down his neighborhood for a mega mall. The tear down will include his favorite Jolly Olly's Ice Cream and his grandparents' house. He gets all his friends together, to see if they come up with a plan to stop this from happening to their neighborhood. His friends are Gerald (voice over by Jamil Smith) and Helga (voice over by Francesca Smith). Helga, who pretends to hate him, but secretly has a big crush on Arnold. The bad guy in this movie is Scheck, the greedy land developer, along with several other bad guys. One of the bad guys is Helga's father. Arnold's the movie is like an extended TV episode. This animation movie is standard in the special effects area. However, the characters and their personalities come out more in details than the TV episodes. You will see each of the main characters good side and bad side. The storyline is funny and it does have some suspense. The best part of the movie is Helga's confession and how Arnold reacted to her confession. The kids learn that there are only two choices, give up or fight until the very end. Arnold never gives up even when there's no hope. If you are a fan of this TV series, you will enjoy the movie. I rank this movie 3 stars out of 5 stars, there is not much different between the movie and the TV episodes. Kids ages 5-9 will like this movie. Reviewed by Cheyenne Nguyen, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic (age 8)
Re-release from HDNet - kidScene. Originally released in 2002.
Arnold and his friends must work together to save their town from being destroyed by a developer, who seeks to build a "mall-plex."
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