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Do you love classic fairy tales, but wish the stories could be a little more up to date? Well then you will love the new film Mirror Mirror. Mirror Mirror is an update take on the classic fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film stars Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich and My Best Friend's Wedding) as the Queen, Lily Collins (Abduction and the Blind Side) as Snow White, Armie Hammer (J. Edgar and The Social Network), and Nathan Lane (Birdcage and the Producers) as Brighton.

The 7 Dwarfs are still part of the action, but they too are updated to be more relevant to today's audiences. The dwarves are: Jordan Price as Napolean, Mark Povinelli as Half Pint, Joe Gnoffo as Grub, Danny Woodburn as Grimm, Sebastian Saroceno as Wolf, Ronald Lee Clark as Chuckles and Martin Klebba as Butcher. The Queen is left in charge of the Kingdom after the King disappears. The Queen cares nothing for Snow White or the Kingdom and is only interested in keeping herself rich and in power. To do that she must get rid of Snow White and find a way to make the Prince love her.

So you can see that the basis of the story remains true to the classic fairy tale but don't worry, there are twists along the way that keep the story fresh and exciting. Once the Queen believes Snow White is dead, she moves on with her plan to marry the Prince and live happily ever after. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have other plans and the action picks up with their fight to save the Prince and their Kingdom. My favorite part of the movie is when Snow and the dwarfs show up at the wedding to save the Prince. The dwarfs all hide in various places such as under tables and under men's long coats, but the funniest part is when Chuckles hides under a woman's umbrella dress and cracks up laughing when he sees her undergarments - it's a very funny and well shot scene. My favorite characters are the dwarfs, because they are funny and have more personality than the dwarfs in the classic story. These dwarfs bring a great deal of character to the movie.

I also do love Snow in this movie, because she is strong and plays a heroine in this version of the story. I rate this film 5 out of 5 stars, because this is a well written and humorous take on a classic story and while the basis of the classic story is there, there are enough twists to the story to keep in funny and interesting. Also, there are quite a few "laugh out loud" scenes that will keep you smiling throughout the film. I would recommend this film for ages 5 to adult, especially those who are fans of classic fairy tales. Review by Julianna Noone, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Beware this is not your traditional Snow White. Our story begins when Snow White's father, the King, goes missing and the Evil Queen is left running the land, which she ruins. The people are over-taxed and poor. The Queen must remarry to replenish the kingdoms vault. My favorite scene is when the banished Snow White meets the Prince for the first time. He is quite different and very funny from other "Prince Charmings."

The prince is played by Armie Hammers. The dwarfs all have new names and are very funny. They have a strange way of growing tall and their fight scenes are spectacular and acrobatic. Snow White is beautiful, smart and brave. A very different way of portraying the character and I thought interesting. Snow White is played be Lily Collins. The Queen is lovely and humorous with a big touch of evil. Julia Roberts did a wonderful job as the queen.

The animated scenes are spectacular. The costumes were amazing. I loved the music. I recommend for ages seven and up and and up give it 5 twinkling stars. Morgan Bertsch, age 7, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

A modern-day Snow White with a twist. I like this film because in most fairy tales women are saved by men and the moral of this story is that a woman doesn't always have to be saved by a man! This film is about an evil queen (Julia Robrts), who steals control of the kingdom after her husband, the king "disappears" into the dark forest. Her step-daughter is Snow White (Lily Collins), and the Queen treats her horribly. Snow White has never left the castle and when she ventures out to see the village she discovers that the people are poor and hungry. She learns that the Queen sends her servant, Brighton (Nathan Lane), to collect taxes from the people to pay for her fancy parties. When Snow confronts the Queen about this, she is taken to the forest and Brighton is ordered to kill her.

Throughout this film, Snow has exciting adventures. She meets a prince, played by Armie Hammer, and seven "giant" dwarves. My favorite characters in this film are the seven dwarfs. I really like them because they're charming, cute, and funny. The two dwarfs that I like the most are Chuckles, played by Ronald Lee Clark, and Half Pint, played by Mark Povinelli. I like Chuckles because he chuckles at everything and it really wants to make me laugh. I like Half Pint because he's always trying to get Snow to be his girlfriend! My favorite scene in this film is when Snow White is first introduced to the seven dwarfs. I like this scene because every single dwarf is staring at her and when she's conscious again, Half Pint is already giving her a cute smile! I thought this scene was very funny! I also like when the Queen is getting ready for the ball and has bird poop smeared on her face and bees stinging her lips to make them bigger and other disgusting things like that. The images of the castle and forest are beautiful and the costumes that people wear to the ball are really fancy. This film was directed by Tarsem Singh, produced by Kenneth Halsband, and written by Jason Keller and Marc Klien. I give this film five out of five stars, because overall I thought this movie has great acting, an easy to follow and good plot and story, and it is just plain awesome! I recommend this film for people of all ages because everybody can enjoy this wonderful, funny family film! Camille Bajema, age 10, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Mirror Mirror is the classic story of Snow White with some modern twists. In this story Snow White's stepmother, The Queen (Julia Roberts), is taxing the townspeople so she can have elegant parties to marry a wealthy prince since she has bankrupted the kingdom. The day she turns eighteen, Snow White (Lily Collins) ventures out into the town and finds out about how the people are being treated. While there, Snow White meets the same prince that the Queen is trying to marry. Snow White tries to confront the Queen, but the Queen gets so angry that she orders Brighton (Nathan Lane) to take Snow White to the forest and kill her. Brighton is sort of a coward and, instead of killing Snow White, he leaves her to be eaten by the monster of the forest and runs away. Luckily for Snow White, seven dwarves who are banished to the forest and become bandits, take her in and allow her to stay. The dwarves steal the Queen's gold, but Snow White steals the gold from the dwarves and gives it back to the people. Snow White and the dwarves come to an understanding about stealing and giving and Snow White is taught how to be a bandit too. Needless to say, Snow White and the prince manage to fall in love, and it is a love that breaks a "puppy love" spell and saves the kingdom. To find out more, you have to watch Mirror Mirror!

I like that Mirror Mirror takes the story of Snow White and makes it more creative, with dwarves that walked on accordion stilts and the Queen walking into the mirror. They also add a lot of humor, which makes my whole family laugh, including my grandparents. Though some of the humor is more for grownups, none of it is inappropriate. The way Mirror Mirror is filmed adds a lot to the feel of it. It is soft with bright colors highlighting certain things and people like Snow White and the Queen. I give Mirror Mirror 5 out of 5 stars and think it is perfect for kids 10 and up. Hunter Willow, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

The story of Snow White told with a modern flair. The stepmother is more human in her desires, she's more selfish than evil. She bankrupts the kingdom in order to throw lavish parties and buy clothing. The dwarves are miners and thieves. Sometimes the humor is more geared toward adults, without being inappropriate for kids. An enchanting re-telling of a classic story. It brings modern elements of humor to get to the moral of the story: empowerment and self-respect. The quality of the film is top-notch, with whimsical stylizations and great acting. Overall the film is entertaining with values and morals that appeal to a modern audience. It does a great job of creating a comedy out of a classic tale that includes murder and evil intent. It lightens the mood while maintaining tenacity.
One of the world's most beloved fairy tales takes a hilarious turn in this fresh, exciting film starring Oscar Winner Julia Roberts. After she spends all her money, an evil enchantress queen (Roberts) schemes to marry a handsome, wealthy prince (The Social Network's Armie Hammer). There's just one problem - he's in love with a beautiful princess, Snow White (Lily Collins, The Blind Side). So, the sinister queen banishes Snow White from her own kingdom! Now, joined by seven rebellious dwarves, Snow White launches an epic battle of good vs. evil in this funny, magical movie that the whole family will love.
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