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What to know: A Hollywood producer gets his hands on a young boy's school essay and turns it into a movie.
Recommended age 8-12
88 minutes
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This is a good family film. It teaches a valuable lesson and is really fun to watch. Big Fat Liar is about a 14-year-old boy named, Jason shepherd, (Frankie Muniz) who writes an essay to avoid summer school. His essay mistakenly finds its way into the hands of a well known Hollywood producer, Marty Wolf, (Paul Giamatti), who turns his thoughts into a hit film. Jason travels to Los Angeles, California, with a best friend to claim his credit and to prove he is telling the truth to his parents. My favorite part is when Jason and his friend pour blue colored dye in Marty's pool and put orange dye in his hair shampoo. While Marty takes a shower and washes his hair, he finally realizes that he is a blue man with orange hair. This is really funny to see and he actually goes out in public looking like this. One of the reasons I like this film is because of all the different sets on the movie lots. It goes from a snowy winter scene to a hot desert day and then other good sets as well. I also like the costumes that Jason and his best friend are trying on. Some of them are from different time periods which look very nice. The background music is very upbeat and energetic. Shawn Levy, (Night at the Museum and Date Night) directs this adventurous film. It also stars the talent of Amanda Bynes (Kaylee), Jason's best friend, and also Amanda Detmer, (Monty Kirkham), Marty's main assistant. The talent is doing a great job in portraying their characters and Marty Wolf is playing a great villain. He really makes me not like him. One big message in this film is that the truth is never overrated. It doesn't matter if it is a small lie or big lie; a lie is still a lie so always tell the truth. It is just better in the long run. I recommend Big Fat Liar to ages 5 to 12 and it's a good family film. I give Big Fat Liar 4 out of 5 stars because it has a good message, some comedy, adventurous and is funny to watch. Keep in mind, the truth is never overrated. Please tune in to see Big Fat Liar as it is playing all month on HDNet Movies Kid Scene. Reviewed by Brianna Hope Beaton, age 12, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. This movie is hilarious for children and adults. This is a live action comedy movie about a 14-year-old boy name Jason Shepard (Frankie Muniz), who is known to lie his way out of anything. His sidekick Kaylee (Amanda Bynes), will help him through some tough times. Jason is on his way to school to turn in his English paper, or else he has to attend summer school. He is hit by a limo that has Marty Wolff, a producer from Hollywood, inside. Jason gets a ride from this producer to get to school on time. He accidentally leaves his English paper in the limo. He tells his parents and teacher about what happened but no one believes him. In the meantime, Marty steals Jason's story and makes a movie trailer out of it. Jason sees the trailer and tells his dad about it. But his dad does not believe him because he lies so much. Jason realizes that he needs to get Marty to fess up about who wrote the story, so his parents can trust him again. He and Kaylee go to Hollywood to prove he is not lying. The movie setting is at the back lot of Universal Studio. It's cool to see all the sets for the other movies, while watching this movie. The only part I did not like is the yelling from Marty. He is constantly yelling at somebody. The message is to be truthful and not to get your self in trouble with lies. The lies just get bigger and bigger. I rank this movie 3 out of 5 stars. Kids ages 10-14 will enjoy this fun movie. Look for this classic family film on HDNet Movies KidScene this month! Cheyenne Nguyen, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. I really like the mood of this story! Big Fat Liar is about a boy named Jason Shepard (Frankie Muniz), who likes getting out of doing things like his homework when he doesn't feel like doing it by lying. Most of the time when he lies he gets caught. Now, Jason has only a few hours to write a thousand-word essay. Jason finally gets it done, but is running late for school. On his way Jason runs into Marty Wolf (Paul Giamatti), a Hollywood producer, and begs Marty to give him a ride to school. Jason gets to school on time, but leaves his homework in the limo with Marty. Marty reads the paper and likes it so much he decides to turn it into a movie and claim it was his idea. Much like in the story of the boy who cried wolf, when Jason tells his parents and teacher the movie was from his essay, no one believes him. Jason decides to travel to LA to find Marty and make him tell the truth. Jason asks his friend Kaylee (Amanda Bynes) to come along and help him. Technically, the film was good overall, but the sound was weak and should have been louder. The acting was quite good. I enjoyed Paul Giamatti's character a lot because he really brought out the humor. I think the story is interesting. My eyes were glued to the screen waiting to see what would happen next. I liked that it played with the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf even naming the villain, Marty Wolf. The moral of the story was really good, telling the truth is not overrated. I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars and feel anyone will enjoy this movie, but kids over 5 may understand it better than littler kids. Big Fat Liar was originally released in 2002 and it will be playing all month on HDnet Movies kidScene! Hunter Willow, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
Funny, addresses realistic problem about whether or not to lie. Has a little mystery, romance and comedy blended in. HDNet re-release. Originally released in 2002.
A Hollywood producer gets his hands on a young boy's school essay and turns it into a movie. The boy, however, is on his way to claim his credit.
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