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What to know: Spot is a dog who has always wanted to be a human.
Recommended age 5-12
74 minutes
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Another great Disney/Pixar animated creation! Playing all month long on HDNet Movies kidScene. Our story begins with the little dog Spot and his crazy idea: he wants to be a real boy. Shameless plug of Pinicco on the TV while Spot is singing was very creative. Spot is played by Nathan Lane. His voice gives a great feel to the character of Spot. Spot is a dog that can talk and read so he gets this crazy idea to dress up as a boy and goes to school with his owner Leonard (Shaun Flemming.) While at school Spot see's his opportunity to change into a real boy in Florida. My favorite part is when Spot has to sneak his way on to the Florida vacation past Leonard's mom (Debra Jo Rupp), who doesn't know Leonard can talk. She thinks she left Spot at home. In Florida he meets the Waco scientist, Dr. Ivan Krank (Kelsey Grammer.) The Waco claims he can turn any animal into a real person. That is very confusing and really weird, but just the thing Spot is looking to do. It is a catchy musical with fun characters that is enjoyable and animated. The songs are wonderful and educational. Some of them stuck in my head for days and I just love to sing along with them. If you want your kids to learn their states in alphabetical order, then this movie gets bonus points. I give it 5 twinkling stars. Ages are 5 and up. Morgan Bertsch, age 7, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. Filled with adventure, drama, romance, and just a tad of action. For a Disney movie it definitely seemed a bit different compared to their many other movies. The movie was mainly based on a dog, Spot, that wanted more than anything was to be a real boy, and was also a teacher's pet. The mom won a vacation to Florida, and was able to take her son, who was also the best friend of Spot, but not Spot himself. At the same time Spot sees that there is a scientist that claims he can turn animals into humans so he decides to take the opportunity and chases the vehicle his owner was leaving in. There is a huge adventure that takes place and his life is never the same. My favorite character in the movie was definitely Spot. He had the most creative, unique and clever mind in the movie. He seemed to come to his senses just in the nick of time and figure out his true dream. My favorite scene in the movie was when Spot turned back into a dog. It gave a sense of relief. It also happened when you least expected it to, giving it a thrilling sense. It makes you think that he was gone when he wasn't. It was the most climactic scene in my opinion. This movie also taught morals you should follow. The first one being you should always be grateful for what you have. The next one would be to think before all of your actions. I recommend this film, for kids ages 4-10 and think it'd be great for the whole family. I think it would satisfy your last minute movie needs. I really liked this movie and I hope you do to. Ajay Sharma, age 14,KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
HDNet re-release. Originally released in 2004.
Spot is a dog who has always wanted to be a human. When he finally gets his chance, he sneaks into school and poses as a young student.
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