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What to know: There's a fine line between fantasy and reality, especially at bedtime on a dark and stormy night.
Recommended age 5-10
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Most of the games are simple to operate, though a few kids have trouble maneuvering the rat maze at first. "It was funny! The parents were funny when they try to trick the kids." "It was cool when the dad turned into Robo Defender." "It shows that there are no monsters under the bed, just like there is no Monster Button." The kids laughed and agreed that it was funny. At first some kids thought that the parents were mean because the kids seemed afraid of monsters at first, but later realize that it was a joke. "It would not be good for kids under 4."
This app provides a different spin on the "monster under the bed" theme. The parents approach the issue jokingly, but are effective at teaching that there aren't any monsters under the bed. Uses humor in a different way by exaggerating in the story to show there are no monsters, any more than there is a parent who can turn into a Robo Defender. The matching game to each short chapter is entertaining. Not for children under 5, who will not understand the humor. Younger children might find the adults to be creepy and scary. Games were not challenging enough for kids over age 8, so the age range for scary versus challenging is a bit small. Still, as a short, fun, easy to use app, it will hold the attention of kids interested in this genre.
There's a fine line between fantasy and reality, especially at bedtime on a dark and stormy night. A Robot Dad, a Monster Mom and a swarm of rats come to life in this new interactive app for the iPad. Starring Maggie Roswell (Simpson's.)
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