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What to know: A young boy who hates his usual summer camp, creates a parent-free paradise for himself and his friends, convincing his parents that it is a legit summer that they just cannot visit.
Recommended age 5-12
96 minutes
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I like this film because it has a lot of super funny scenes and characters! This film is about four friends, Mud, Zack, Trish, and Gaby, played by Jonathan Jackson, Andrew Keegan, Marnette Patterson, and Melody Kay. These kids parents want to send each of them to awful summer camps. They are all dreading it until Mud comes up with an idea to make up their own summer camp. They have the money to do it, but the only problem is that they have to have an adult to help them. Luckily, Mud has the "perfect" person in mind: Dennis Van Welker, played by Christopher Lloyd. Dennis has a shady past and is running from the law. Mud is a super smart boy who doesn't want to be sent of to computer camp; Zack is a delinquent who is about to be shipped off to military camp; Trish is a diva who absolutely doesn't want to go to theatre camp; and Gaby is super smart and has a crush on Mud! She doesn't want to go to Camp Slenderella! Out of all these wonderful characters, my favorite one is Zack. I like Zack because although he has a frightening reputation, he's really funny and good at heart! My favorite scene in this film is when the parents come to visit their kids and the kids at Camp Nowhere and they have to pretend that the camp is whatever camp they're supposed to be at! Then the police get involved! I like this scene because it's so funny and exciting! The acting in this film is pretty good, although at some points it could have been better. This movie is written by Andrew Kurtzman and Eliot Wald and directed by Jonathan Price. The cinematography in this film is great! I especially love the setting -- a beautiful campus with an amazing lake and nice little camp cabins! It is very picturesque and I can totally imagine myself there! I recommend this film to both boys and girls from age nine and up because it is a great film the family can watch together, although it is a bit long! I give this film five out of five stars because overall, I think it is very funny, clever, and cute! Reviewed by Camille Bajema, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic (age 11) Camp Nowhere is a very funny film that will keep you wondering what is going to happen next. Morris "Mud" Himmel (Jonathan Jackson) has the same problem as his friends. He is getting sent to a boring summer camp. They hate going, and would do anything not to go. Together with his friends, he creates a plan to trick all the parents into sending them to a camp that he designs which would be a parent free world. Blackmailing former drama teacher, Dennis Van Welker (Christopher Lloyd) into persuading their parents into believing that the camp is the real deal and they are not allowed to visit. I love the film Camp Nowhere because you are always wondering if they get caught. I also like how the phrase "no parents, no counselors, and no rules" basically describes the whole film. The background music fits perfectly with the scenes. I love the acting and think it is very believable. It feels so real. My favorite part in this film is when Dennis acts like all the different camp counselors. It is so funny when he has different hair styles and different clothes. When Dennis is acting like the camp counselors, it's funny to see that the parents actually believe him. Jonathan Prince is doing a great job in directing this fun and exciting film. The writers for this film are Andrew Kurtzman and Eliot Wald. It also stars the actors and actresses of Andrew Keegan playing the role of Zack Dell, Marnette Patterson playing Trish Prescott, and Melody Kay playing Gaby Nowicki. One really good message that I found in the film Camp Nowhere is that when you have a problem do something to get rid of the problem. Morris has a problem and he is doing everything he can to fix it. I recommend this film for ages 10 to 15. I also think that this is a good film for the adults to see as well. Overall, I give the film Camp Nowhere 5 out of 5 stars because it is very funny to watch and will have you laughing a lot. In my opinion it has good acting, it's great for kids and teenagers, and you are always wondering if they get caught. Get yourself signed up to see Camp Nowhere. It is playing all month on HDNet Movies kidScene. Brianna Beaton, age 12, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. I just got a chance to catch the movie "Camp Nowhere" and thought it was fantastic. It just had the creativity that a lot of other movies lack today. It may be a bit old, but certainly will still entertain kids of this generation! The movie was mainly about a group of kids that didn't want to go to summer camps that their parents wanted them to, so a group of kids ended up using the money the parents used to pay for the other camps, and rented their own. Then later the parents want to visit their kids and they end up going on this huge fun adventure that definitely keeps you watching the whole time. My favorite character in the movie was Mud. He had such a fun, creative, intelligent, and clever mind, which made him such an interesting individual to pay attention to throughout the movie. My favorite scene in the movie was the day the parents visited their kids at camp. It was so intriguing how a few kids could come up with something as clever as that and pull it off! I guarantee that you wouldn't stop watching at this part. The movie also taught a couple of lessons. The first one being you should never lie to your parents. It never has and never will be a good idea. The second one would be you should always stand up for your friends even how bad the outcome might be. I recommend this film for kids ages 4-14 and think it'd be perfect for the family. You won't regret getting this movie if you like fun. My eyes were glued and soon, yours will be too. Catch this movie all month on HDNet - kidScene. Ajay Sharma, age 14, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
Re-release by HDNet. Originally released in 1994. Watch for this film on HDNet all September, 2012.
A young boy who hates his usual summer camp, creates a parent-free paradise for himself and his friends, convincing his parents that it is a legit summer that they just cannot visit.
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