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What to know: A peaceful planet comes under attack by humans when Earth becomes uninhabitable and the Earthlings need a new planet to call home.
Recommended age 8-12
85 minutes
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I really liked this movie because this movie has a ton of action and fighting. This movie was an animated film that had really cool graphics. This movie is about a peaceful alien planet that is threatened by the human race; that is looking for a new home. Mala, one of the aliens, will try anything in order to save her planet, Terra. Mala finds a human but will only help to save him if he will help her to save her father. Her father was taken by the humans during an invasion. My favorite characters in the movie are Mala, Lieutenant Stanton, and Giddy. I like Giddy the best because he helps Mala save her father and he helps Lieutenant Stanton to save Mala. Lieutenant Stanton had to choose between a human or Mala to breathe and so he chooses to save the human, but he has Giddy go back and save Mala. My favorite part of the movie is when Lieutenant Stanton fights back against his own team in order to save Mala and the Terrians. Lieutenant Stanton shoots his missiles at the oxygen tanks so that the humans can't overtake Terra. He tries to get away quickly but the explosion gets to close to him and his ship blows up. His actions help to save all of the aliens of Terra. I would recommend this movie for ages 6 and up. Younger kids may not like this movie because it has a lot of explosions and fighting which may scare them. Kids, ages 6 and up, will like this movie because it has a suspenseful storyline with a ton of action. Battle for Terra is one of the many classic family films offered to you by HDNet movies on kidScene, available on morning and Friday nights. By Anthony Aranda, age 9, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Looking for a good sci-fi movie to take you on an inter-galactic journey? Well then, you will love this film. This movie tells a story of how humans have destroyed their world, which sends its survivors in search for somewhere else to live. That somewhere else is a planet they call Terra. What the humans do not know is that this planet is already home to the Terrans, who are a peaceful race of alien. Can these two races co-exist or will they destroy another world in their fight over who can call Terra their home? This animated movie features Mala, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Stanton, voiced by Luke Wilson and Giddy, the robot and sidekick of Jim, voiced by David Cross. There are many other star's voices this film. My favorite character is Mala. I like Mala because she is an intelligent inventor who is a strong, courageous and daring Terran. She wants peace for all of Terra and she wants to find her father and free the rest of the kidnapped Terrans. My favorite scene is when Mala's father sacrifices himself so that Mala would be safe. It's a touching moment in the movie and it shows just how much he loves his daughter and will do anything to keep her safe. The animation in this film is very well done and there are some scenes on Terra that are so realistic, it's like I am actually on another planet. That's when you know the CGI is fantastic, because it makes an animated movie look lifelike. They did a great job with the CGI. I also like the creatures living on Terra, because the CGI made them so lifelike and they were so exotic looking. They animators hit a home run with the Terrans. Overall, I rate this film five out of five stars because it is a really cute animated film that is so realistic everyone will enjoy it, from kids who love animation to even adults who really don't enjoy animated movies. This movie is one of a kind. I think this movie is great for everyone in your entire family. Look for this and other great movies on HDNet Movies - kidScene all this month. Julianna Noone, age 12, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. "Battle for Terra" Movie Review. Hi, I'm Camille Bajema reporting for KIDS FIRST! and today I'm reviewing the 2007 animated film "Battle for Terra." I like this movie because the story's main character is an intelligent, brave teenage girl. This movie is about an alien named Mala, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood, who lives on a planet called Terra. The alien creatures who live on Terra are called Terrians and they have enormous eyes, turtle-like faces, long arms and hands, and a mermaid-like tail that propels them through their environment like a dolphin. Planet earth is no longer inhabitable, but a colony of humans have survived and are living on a spaceship called The Ark. These humans are looking for a new planet to make their home and find Terra. One of the small scout spaceships crashes on Terra. Humans can't survive there because there is no oxygen, but Mala is able to invent an oxygen-making machine and fills a tent with it to save the dying human, Lieutenant Jim Stanton, voiced by Luke Wilson. Lieutenant Stanton's boss, General Hammer, voiced by Brian Cox, has plans to create an earth-like environment on Terra. If he does this, the Terrians will die. Mala will do anything to save her planet. My favorite character in this film is Mala's best friend, Senn, voiced by Justin Long. I like Senn, because he's a really good friend to Mala. My favorite scene is when Mala rescues Lieutenant Stanton. She shows compassion for him even though the humans have been treating the Terrians badly. "The Battle for Terra" is written and directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas and the screenplay is written by Evan Spiliotopoulos. This film was awarded the Grand Prize for the Best Animated Feature at the 2008 Ottawa International Animation Festival in Cananda. I give "Battle for Terra" three out of five stars because it's a very violent war movie and there is some bad language. Science fiction is not my favorite genre and I didn't like the animation style. Although, this film is rated PG, I feel that the plot is difficult to follow and it is too violent for younger children. I recommend this film to boys between the ages of 10-15. Look for this movie on HDNet Movies KidScene this month. Camille Bajema, age 10, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

This movie is very different it is about Aliens. They speak a different language. Their planet is called Terra. They respect life and are very peaceful creatures. They can float thru the air and have very cool flying machines. There are many strange and wonderful animals and creatures also. My favorite character was Mala who saves a soldier who was actually firing guns at her people. She saves his life with the help of his robot. The robot is very cute with big eyes. It can speak any language and teachers her to speak English. Some living things need air with oxygen in it. Mala is very smart and builds a big structure for the strange being to live in that has oxygen. She uses the solider by helping to fix his crashed space ship so she can hitch a ride to his mother ship and find her father who they kidnapped. Once she gets there she finds her Dad. Thing do not go as planned and the soldiers kidnap her and try to hurt her. Once again the robot comes to her rescue and helps her find her way home. Should she help her new friend the soldier or tell her own species of the invaders evil plan. Mala suits up and prepares for war with the invaders. They plan on changing the air on her planet so that it has oxygen. This will kill all of her kind. A once peaceful planet must go to war to survive. Will the invaders win or will the aliens save their planet? But maybe not such an easy question. "Never lose hope. There are always alternatives." The cast was incredible with names like Chris Evans, Danny Glover, Rosanna Arquette, Mark Hamill, Chad Allen, David Cross and many others you will be sure to recognize. I loved this movie because the aliens were very cute; the animation was spectacular and made all the characters look believable. The message was one which we can all apply when make decisions. Although the animation was adorable the theme is about war so I think the ages are 7 and up. All leaders of the world should have to watch this. "Never lose hope. There are always alternatives." I give it 5 twinkling stars. Watch it all month long on HDNet movies kidScene. Morgan Bertsch, age 7, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Battle for Terra is a dramatic animation about humans invading another world called Terra by using unnecessary force towards the natives of the land. I really like this movie. The music is great because it sets a depressing tone to the film which creates a nice emotion. The animation seems as if it's lacking in precision. It seems like the design of the movie is cool but the images could be more defined. I really like the fact that aliens are the ones being invaded by humans instead of the other way around. It sends a great message to co-exist and that fighting gets you nowhere. I think this film is for ages 9 and up because my younger brother was very emotional and sad about the story line and I think young kids will get upset with some of the violence. Over all, I give this film 3 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Raven Devanney, age 14, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. October 2012 showing all month on HDNet - kidScene.
A peaceful planet comes under attack by humans when Earth becomes uninhabitable and the Earthlings need a new planet to call home.
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