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What to know: One of Steven Spielberg's best movies! Heartwarming and loving.
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E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial is an instant classic. It is one of Steven Spielberg's best movies. An adventure about a young boy named Elliot and his new alien friend E.T. trying to get E.T. back to his planet. It is a heartwarming journey full of memorable scenes and incredible lighting and photography. This quirky family classic is a favorite of mine and is a part of my childhood. E.T. had some of the most amazing music I have ever heard in film. Turn On Your Heartlight by Neil Diamond is the main theme of this movie, and a good one at that. The storyline and character development was extremely well done. By the end of the film you had an emotional attachment to the majority of the characters. The scene where Elliot and E.T. are riding bikes and then suddenly start to float into the air over a silhouette of the moon is fantastic photography at it's finest. Overall, I give the movie 5 out of 5 stars. I find this movie suitable for all ages. Check this flick out in its 30th Anniversary Edition with loads of extras. Blake Hawes, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14.

This is the best Sci-Fi movie directed by Steven Spielberg. This movie is about a friendship between a boy and an Alien. Elliot (Henry Thomas) is the middle child who find and befriends an Alien name E.T. Gertie (Drew Barrymore) is Elliot sister and Michael (Robert MacNaughton) his older brother helps Elliot hide E.T. from the adults. E.T. learned how to speak by watching Sesame Street with Gertie. The Government keeps tract of extra terrestrial activities and notice there are unusual activities in Elliot neighborhood. They trace it to Elliot's house. The fun part begins when all the kids help Elliot to hide E.T. from the Scientists. The scene with E.T. in the bedroom using all kind of household gadgets to trying to build a phone is so cool. Elliot best performance is when E.T. telepathically makes him drunk and when E.T. is feeling sick, Elliot felt the same. The special effects in this movie are epic. My favorite one is when Elliot and his friends running away with E.T. in their bicycles and E.T. sitting in the basket flying across the hill passing through with the sunset background. They are taking E.T. to the forest so he can phone home. E.T. phone home from the equipment that, he built from fork and other random household gadgets. All the actors in this movie have great chemistry with each other. The setting with the track homes and the hills are perfect typical homes. I love how the camera is angle at Elliot's level, it feels like the kid's point of view. The best scene is the touching of the finger and the heart, it is so magical. The message in this movie is friendship. Elliot and E.T. are so connected that they have no barriers. My favorite character is Elliot. He is so good with all his scenes. I rank this movie 5 out of 5 stars. I give this age ranged 3 and up. Cheyenne Nguyen, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

E.T. was adorable but it made me cry. A cute, funky, curious alien gets separated when his space ship accidentally leaves him on earth. The adventure beings when a little boy lures E.T. using a trail of candy. Screams are heard from both of them. Eliot aka Henry Thomas has a little sister and an older brother Robert MacNaughton. The little sister Gertie aka Drew Barrymore is spunky and cute. Eliot tries to hide E.T. from his family but they soon meet him. He learns to talk, watch T.V. and his favorite place is the refrigerator. E.T. soon finds he is home sick and all he wants to do is to phone home. Eliot and E.T. share a strange connection and can tell what the other one is feeling. Eliot is not the only one looking for aliens. Scientist saw the space ship take off into the sky and find the location and foot prints. They are on the hunt for aliens. My favorite scene was the ending which I cannot tell you. My second favorite scene was when Gertie dresses E.T. up into a fabulous new outfit. Eliot and his family have to explain everyday things to E.T. and this is also very funny. E.T. also gets to learn about Halloween and gets another cute outfit. E.T. is mischievous and get into all kinds of trouble. He is also amazing with the things he can do. He can make things fly, bring things back to life, heal people and build things. Their mother (Dee Wallace) does not know they are hiding an alien. I was worried she would find out but they did a great job of playing hide and go seek. I found the story to be believable like it all could really happen. My Mom would freak out if I hid an alien in our house. The graphics are amazing especially when the boys are riding their bikes and begin to fly. E.T. looked real. The music was memorable. When you hear it you will be reminded of E.T. The lesson was Eliot just wanted a friend and the scientist, all but Keys played by Peter Coyote, just wanted to examine and experiment to find out more about an alien. You should be kind and friendly to everyone. Being home sick can make your heart hurt so be sure to keep in touch with the people you love. Maybe you should phone home today. It will make you feel great. Classic quote "E.T. phone home. Eliot. Ooouch and Beee Good." The age range is 8 and up. Little one will think parts of the movie are cute but it is a very complicated story. Also you will need to bring tissues since there are some sad scenes. I give it 5 twinkling stars. Get the E.T. Blu Ray combo pack with special all new interviews from Steven Spielberg and The E.T. Journal on October 9. Morgan Bertsch, age 7, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

This movie is celebrating its 30th Anniversary! It is a loving story between a boy and an alien. It is an awesome movie that also has a lot of action and is really touching. Because it's so old and my parents watched it when they are kids I thought that I might not like it but I was wrong. It was really good. This movie is about a boy named Elliot who meets an alien and you would think he would be really freaked out but he comes to love that alien and would do anything for him. Later when he knew him for a little while longer he named the alien E.T. E.T. is kind of magical. He can make things that are dead come back to life and when someone has a cut he can heal it, which of course is really awesome. The main characters in the movie are Elliot, E.T., Mary, and Michael. My favorite character in the movie is Elliot because he cares so much about E.T. and I know that he will never give up to help him get home. He is also trustworthy and will never break a promise. I also like E.T. a lot because he wants to get home so he goes through a huge adventure with humans so he can get back to his home. My favorite part is when he goes into the forest and then he starts to fly and it is really cool because they are so high up and it seems so fun to do! They go flying through the sky on a bicycle. I hope that one day I will be able to fly with maybe a jet pack or something else but I just really would like to fly. I would recommend this movie for ages 4 and up because some of this stuff could scare younger kids. Just watching an alien might be kind of scary for kids younger than 4. Go out and buy the 30th Anniversary Edition of this movie on DVD and Blu-ray now. I hope you like this movie as much as I did. Anthony Aranda, age 10, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

A must for any family film library. This classic film (1982), celebrating its 30th anniversary this year is the one that burned Steven Spielberg's name into movie lovers' minds for eternity. The young boy, Elliot and his alien friend, E.T. have a very special relationship that kids and adults both relate to. It is filled with the things that make great films for families - hope, innocence and happiness. The friendship between E.T. and Elliot is something that we all strive for - to love a friend in spite of our differences. The setting, in a traditional suburban neighborhood where there are few surprises - is completely relatable. E.T.'s power to communicate with Elliot telepathically is how Elliot learns of E.T.'s wish to return home. This movie is full of surprises which are sure to delight any first-time viewers as they do for those of us who have watched it many times. It holds a place mark in our subconscious of kindness and love.
When an imaginative boy meets a lost alien, it is the beginning of one of cinema's most endearing friendships, as Elliot (Henry Thomas) helps the marvelous creature he calls E.T. find his way back home before government agents can capture him. Digitally Remastered From High Resolution 35MM Original Film Elements to Get the Most From Your HDTV; Combo Pack Includes Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet (download/stream by 4/30/15); Exciting New Bonus Features; The E.T. Journals: Featuring behind the scenes footage from the filming of the movie, this featurette gives viewers a unique feeling of being on-set and living the excitement of what it was like to make E.T. (Blu-ray Exclusive); Steven Spielberg & E.T.: The director reflects back on the film and discusses his experience working with children as well as his overall and current perspective on E.T.; BD-Live, My Scenes, Pocket Blu App (Blu-ray Exclusive); Deleted Scenes; A Look Back: A special insider's look into the making of E.T. featuring interviews with Steven Spielberg, the cast, and others intimately involved with the film;. The Evolution and Creation of E.T.: From idea to screenplay, through casting and making the film.; The E.T. Reunion: The cast and filmmaker reunite to discuss their thoughts on the impact of the film.; The Music of E.T. A Discussion with John Williams: Interviews and footage of the long-standing relationship between John Williams and Steven Spielberg.; The 20th Anniversary Premiere: Composer John Williams played the score of E.T. live at the Shrine Auditorium for the re-release premier of E.T. This featurette gives us a behind the scenes look at this presentation.; Designs, Photographs and Marketing; Theatrical Trailer
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