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What to know: Ella must restore the balance of good and evil in Fairy Tale Land, with or without the help of a Price Charming, when her wicked stepmother looks to overthrow the land.
Recommended age 8-13
87 minutes
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This is a good animated family film that I enjoy watching. Ella, (voice by Sarah Michelle Gellar) figures out that her evil stepmother (voiced by Sigourney Weaver) wants to take over fairy tale land and is out to crush her storybook existence. She's now fighting to get fairy tale land back and who she thinks is supposed to be her true love - the Prince (Patrick Warburton.) I like this film because it is a twist from the classic Cinderella story. I think that the animation is pretty good. The voice acting is very good and believable. My favorite part is when the narrator pauses the film to give you information on a specific character and how he feels about that character and then keeps going - this is really cool. The writers, Douglas Langdale and Robert Moreland creates a story plot that is easy to understand and enjoyable. It keeps my interest. There is nothing that I would add or take out of this film and definitely nothing inappropriate. I love watching Cinderella so this was good to see as well. I love it. I recommend this film for ages 6 to 13. If you like Cinderella and fairy tales, you will love this film. I think some teens and adults will enjoy this just as much as their kids. This is a film that I can watch a couple more times. Overall, I give Happily N'ever After 4 out of 5 stars because of its light humor, likeable characters and fantasy. Tune in to see Happily N'ever After as its playing all month on HDNet Movies kidScene. Brianna Hope Beaton, age 12, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. This movie combined a lot of fairy tales in one movie with a twisted ending. This movie is about the wizard (George Carlin) who manages Fairy Tale Land. He has two helpers Mambo (Andy Dick) and Monk (Wallace Shawn). There's a book of fairy tales which the wizard has to watch and see through the crystal ball to make sure the endings are exactly the same as the fairy tale stories. The wizard constantly has to check with the crystal ball to make sure the good and the bad are in balance so the stories will get their happy endings. In Happily N'ever After, all the characters are different than the fairy tales. Ella is like Cinderella voice by Sarah Michelle Gellar is being bullied by her stepmother (Sigourney Weaver) and her ugly step sisters. However, in this movie there is a kitchen helper name Rick. He's secretly loves Ella. My favorite part of movie is to how the endings for each of the fairy tales could have changed. The twists and turns of each event could have been different if the wizard is not there to monitor the Fairy Tale Land. I am confused at times because there are so many different fairy tales going on. It is hard for kids my age keep up with the jokes that go with the different fairy tales. The adults seem to enjoy the jokes a lot more than the kids. The message in this movie is that happy endings come in many different forms. The Fairy Tale land visuals are above average. The characters design and the voice over, makes the characters become alive. The music is average; most of the songs are not very catchy. The only part I did not like is there are too many stories going on in one movie. My favorite character is Fairy God Mother. She is so forgetful but very funny. She reminds me of my grandmother. I rank this movie 4 out of 5 stars. I give this age ranged 5 and up. Cheyenne Nguyen, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. So the real question is: Are you cheering for the villains or the princess. Who do you want to win? Now is your big chance. This movie is about Cinderella who has an evil step Mother and two evil step sisters. So you think you know this story and all the fairy tales, well guess again. This is not your ordinary Cinderella story. All the fairy tales are watched and taken care of by a Wizard. Everyone needs a vacation. When he leaves the fiasco begins. Munk (Wallace Shawn) and Mombo (Andy Dick) his assistance are left in charge. Mombo is bored of the same old fairy tale endings and wants to shake things up a bit. He gets his wish when the evil step mother steals the wizard's wand. Cinderella's evil step mother Frieda wants to be Queen. She is taking over. She wants to give evil a fighting chance. All your fairy tales being to fade and the villains start winning. Rumpelstiltskin gets to keep the baby. Sleeping beauty doesn't wake up with a kiss. Jack gets stepped on by the giant. Rapunzel is not saved by her prince charming and Cinderella doesn't last till midnight. The villains from all the fairy tales are running wild. Cinderella (Sarah Michelle Gellar) now known as Ella goes on a search for Prince Charming (Patrick Warburton) hoping that he can fight her evil step mother and get the wizards wand back. Of course she has help from Mombo and Munk who also want to find it before their boss returns home. Rick the servant (Freddie Prinze Jr.) for the prince is jealous and tries to help Ella. They meet the seven dwarves, witches, all the big bad wolves, goblins, giants and more. How will they save the day and will the fairy tales ever have another happy ending again? When Ella and Rick find the seven dwarves this is my favorite part. From beginning to end this was very funny. I also enjoyed the monster mash dance. The graphics were great and they did a super job with the fast action scenes. There were new characters and the old ones were all different then the original versions. Will she get what she wants? Will she want what she gets? This was my favorite song in the movie. Be careful what you wish for. Keep your eyes open because happiness could be right in front of you. You can change your destiny. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Cinderella) and Freddie Prinze Jr. are really married and they have a daughter and last month added a new baby boy to their family. See fairy tales do come true. I give this movie 5 stars because it was cute, funny, original and had all my favorites in it. Morgan Bertsch, age 7, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
Showing throughout November 2012 on HDNet - kidScene. Originally released in 2006.
Ella must restore the balance of good and evil in Fairy Tale Land, with or without the help of a Price Charming, when her wicked stepmother looks to overthrow the land.
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