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I really love the wacky humor in this movie. The story is the traditional story of Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, with Jerry Mouse as Robin Hood's sidekick. When the King comes back home from war, he finds his brother is taking over the kingdom so he decides to kill him. Tom Cat, must kill Jerry Mouse so he doesn't find out and alert Robin Hood. When Maid Marian, Robin Hood's true love, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse find out about this, they must join forces and help Robin Hood and his men escape from jail in time to save the good king and overthrow the bad one. My favorite character in this film is Tom Cat. I've always loved Tom & Jerry, and Tom has always been my favorite character because he's always trying to catch Jerry, but the little mouse always outwits him and Tom ends up looking like a fool! My favorite scene in this film is when Jerry is ordered to bring a poem to Maid Marian, and of course everyone loves her, and Tom and Jerry watch her sing together, but then realize that they're supposed to be fighting! Tom & Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse is directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, and is produced by Tony Cervone. The animation in this film is actually pretty good because it's not too perfect and it's a little goofy like the characters! I recommend this film to people between the ages of three to thirty because I think that the humor and silliness of the Tom & Jerry films can appeal to just about everyone. I give this film four and a half out of five stars because it gets a bit repetitive. Overall, I really enjoyed this film! Camille Bajema, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

ON Guard! This is a twist on the classic story of Robin Hood. I love the sword fighting in this high flying adventure and all the action. This was made in classic Tom and Jerry classic animation style. The colors are bright and vivid. This is a mix of humans and animals all living together. They all talk and have human qualities. You are sure to find many characters that are your favorites. Whose side will you be on? Will it be Tom or Jerry's? King Richard is away at war and his brother has decided to take over and try to get as much gold as he can from the town people. Tom becomes the new hope for the Sheriff of Nottingham and evil Prince John. Tom tries to find Jerry the mouse, Robin Hood's helper. Jerry is trying to find different ways to get into the castle to give messages to Maid Marion. King Richard is trying to get back home. He has no idea what his brother is up to. Robin Hood is trying save the town people. It has all the characters you know and love from Robin Hood plus tons of new ones. Tom and Jerry are up to their usual antics of cat mouse chases. The writers and animators did a great job showcasing all the different ways a cat and mouse can get into trouble and get stuck. Slapstick comedy is the core of this movie. It is a little violent but as long as you remember it is all in fun it is worth watching for a good laugh. This cartoon is very funny and made me laugh though out the movie. There is also a love story and a lesson about friendship which will all touch your heart. My favorite character is Droopy because he is so adorable and has the cutest voice ever. Tom and Jerry look great with their updated looks and are very comical. Maid Marion was in my favorite scene because of her beautiful singing voice. I loved the music. She turned out to be a strong woman who could take care of herself. Be sure to check out the bonus features with three extra episodes: Medieval Menace, The Two Mouseketeers, Robin Hoodwinked. I recommend the ages are 4 and up as long as the little ones realize it is all funny and not real. I give it 4 twinkling Stars. Morgan Bertsch, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

A fun, entertaining adventure with great visual appeal, classic Tom & Jerry humor, lots of action and a very happy ending. It is a fun new adventure of Robin Hood, with the addition of Tom & Jerry, and that all adds up to a more entertaining movie! The costumes and settings really fit the movie. It is easy to imagine Tom and Jerry back in the day and time of the characters like Robin Hood. I love how things are so detailed, like when Jerry climbs in Tom's Mouth and has to travel to his tail to get the key that Tom accidentally swallows. This is a must-see for all Tom & Jerry fans.
The fur flies again, when Jerry, as the smallest member of Robin Hood's gang, encounters Tom, a feline squire to Maid Marion. Not only are the cat and mouse from opposite sides of the moat, but Tom is secretly working as a spy for the Sheriff of Nottingham and evil Prince John. But when the villains succeed in capturing Robin, Tom realizes to his horror that they intend on harming Marion as well. So he joins forces with Jerry, not only saving their respective humans, but allowing for the safe return of King Richard as well. Bonus episodes: Medieval Menace, The Two Mouseketeers, Robin Hoodwinked.
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