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What to know: Gets kids to discuss ways to deal with bullying at school.
HOW TO UNMAKE A BULLY: BYSTANDERS is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 8-12
28 minutes
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This may not be the kids' all-time favorite movie, but it does get them talking! It made them think and discuss ways to deal with bullying at school. "I never really thought that it was bad to just stand by and do nothing, but now I know it's almost as bad as being the bully." It seemed to change their outlook, and that's a great thing! Most of the boys like it when Freddy stood up to the bully to help his friend. They weren't sure how realistic it is, but thought it was "cool." "My favorite part is how they work together and show examples of what can be done." "I was bullied last year and some friends stood up for me, so I know what it is like." "This film should be shown in schools."
Kids use their "super powers" and huge imagination to fight against real life issues of bullying. They show us how being a bystander is just an opportunity to make a choice: to help or to ignore. By bonding together they effectively take the power out of the hands of kids making bad choices and face their fears as a team. This is a powerful message, empowering kids to help each other and know when it is right to ask for help from adults. Having an elementary-school aged kid myself, I know this would make a huge impression on him, but it's clear that having other kids to back you up can make all the difference. I hope every school in America will show this to their students and staff, even parents. It makes me feel as if every child can be a hero - and now I know the perfect after-school program: superhero workshop!
Three friends enlist classmates in a heroic journey toward providing super-powered backup to targets of bullying. One student battles his inner doubts as to whether or not he can ever be a hero. Sequel to How To Unmake A Bully.
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