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What to know: A college production which shows us that "choosing a bird isn't just choosing a bird.
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Recommended age 12-15
8 minutes
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A short film with a powerful message. Lucy, a teenager, goes to the Bird Shop on her birthday to pick out a bird. The woman at the store tells her she must choose wisely between the birds and she begins to learn an important lesson about making good choices. There are some awkward production moments, but I loved the good message, interesting camera angles and other visuals.
Take a chance and wander into Birdman's Pet Store! Inside you'll find two birds that are not so different from the choices we make in everyday life. Fortunda, the pet store owner, will guide you on a mystical journey that will transport you through time and space into the person you always knew you could be! But remember, the choice is yours. So choose!
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