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What to know: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen star as a pair of long lost twins, raised separately, who hatch a plan to bring their single parents together.
Recommended age 6-10
101 minutes
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I like this film because it's a lot like "The Parent Trap" and I love that movie!

"It Takes Two" is about two girls who look identical. One is an orphan, Amanda Lemmon (Mary Kate Olsen.) Ashley Olsen plays Alyssa Callaway, whose incredibly rich father, Roger, is played by Steve Gutenberg.

When Amanda and Alyssa meet at summer camp, they decide to switch places. Amanda tries to sabotage Alyssa's father's marriage with her evil stepmother, while Alyssa attends Camp Callaway, a camp for orphans created by Alyssa's mother who is no longer living. The girls try to get Amanda's case worker, Diane Barrows, played by Kirstie Alley, to fall in love with her dad and marry him before evil Clarise Kensington (Jane Sibbet) beats Diane to the alter!

My favorite character in this film is Diane Barrows. I love Diane because when the horrid Butkis family tries to adopt Amanda, she steps in and saves the day. I also like Diane because she's a kid at heart and loves to have a good time!

My favorite scene in this film is when Mr. Callaway comes to his deceased wife's camp. He and Diane have dinner together and end up having a food fight and then jump into a lake! I love this part because it's hilarious!

"It Takes Two" is written by Deborah Dean Davis and directed by Andy Tennant.

I recommend this film to girls ages six to ten because although some parts are for a more mature audience, this movie appeals to a younger audience as well.

I give this film three out of five stars because it is pretty much the same as the movie "The Parent Trap" and I don't like that. I like movies that are more original.

Camille Bajema, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Originally released in 1995. Screening throughout March 2013 on HDNet Movies - kidScene.

Positive story in which the girls resolve problems such as anger and conflict between themselves and the adults. Set in a real world with valid social pressures. Acting is believable and endearing. Stimulates kids and parents to communicate better.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen star as a pair of long lost twins, raised separately, who hatch a plan to bring their single parents together.
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